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下表可以看作是黄金时段电视节目的简明史,由戴维·索伯恩和Micky DuPree汇编。多年来,他们一直担任本课程的教学伙伴。情节概要由DuPree女士编纂。
This sequence, a kind of mini-history of prime time TV, was compiled by David Thorburn and Micky DuPree, who has served as a teaching associate in this course for many years. Episode summaries are by Ms. DuPree.


1. 《热爱生命》(1953年)。 一个男孩和他的朋友一起逃跑。
1. Love of Life (1953). A boy runs away with his friend.
2. 《德士古明星剧院》/《米尔顿·伯利秀》(1953年1月27日)。 Molly Goldberg试图诱骗米尔顿和Max结婚。
2. Texaco Star Theater/The Milton Berle Show (1/27/53). Molly Goldberg tries to trick Milton into marrying Max.
3. Space Patrol (1951-52). (Credits only.)
4. 《妈妈》(20世纪50年代初期至中期)。妈妈帮助一位不称职的幼儿园教师。
4. Mama (early to mid-50s). Mama helps an inept kindergarten teacher.
5. 《礼帽》(只选看开头的广告。)(1954年6月11日)。演员推销骆驼牌香烟这一产品。
5. Topper (opening commercial only) (6/11/54). Actors promote the product, Camel cigarettes.
6. 《先知安迪》之〈法兰西万岁〉(大约在1953年)。(只选看电闪雷鸣的部分。)
6. Amos 'n' Andy, "Vive la France" (circa 1953). (Clip of Lightnin' only.)
7. 《先知安迪》之〈球赛上的头领〉(大约在1953年). 头领错将贵重的戒指当作赝品,把它卖给了安迪,了解真相后试图将其收回。
7. Amos 'n' Andy, "Kingfish at the Ballgame" (circa 1953). The Kingfish mistakes a valuable ring for fake, sells it to Andy, finds out the truth, and tries to get it back.
8. 《热爱生命》(1953年)。出走男孩的进一步冒险经历,他的家庭因离婚而破碎。
8. Love of Life (1953). The further adventures of the runaway boy whose family is being torn apart by divorce.


1. 《马蒂》( 《好时光电视剧场》系列剧选的一部分)(1953年5月24日)。一名普通男子认为他永远不会结婚。
1. Marty (as an installment of The Goodyear TV Playhouse anthology series) (5/24/53). An ordinary man thinks he'll never get married.
2. 《实习医生》之〈当我年轻时〉(1955年10月24日)。一位更年期妇女认为她的生命行将结束。
2. Medic, "When I Was Young" (10/24/55). A menopausal woman thinks her life is over.
3. 《警网》之〈重要的17岁〉(1952年11月6日)。十几岁的青少年们在毒品的作用下变得疯狂。
3. Dragnet, "The Big Seventeen" (11/6/52). Teenagers go wild on drugs.
改编自1951年9月6日的广播剧《警网》,由James E. Moser演出(成名于《实习医生》《班·卡西》)。
Adapted from a 9/6/51 Dragnet radio play by James E. Moser (of Medic and Ben Casey fame).
4. 《警网》之〈大交易〉(1956年4月26日)。(只选看偷车贼受审的部分。)改编自1955年4月19日同名广播剧《警网》
4. Dragnet, "The Big Deal" (4/26/56). (Clip of sentencing auto thieves only.) Adapted from a 4/19/55 Dragnet radio play of the same name.
5. 《我爱露西》之〈露西做广告〉(1952年5月5日)。露西为〈维他肉蔬〉拍摄电视广告。
5. I Love Lucy, "Lucy Does a Commercial" (5/5/52). Lucy does a TV commercial for Vitameatavegamin.
6. 《蜜月佳偶》之〈最好透过电视生活〉(1955年11月12日)。未来厨师拉尔夫和过去厨师诺顿拍摄一辑电视广告。
6. The Honeymooners, "Better Living Through TV" (11/12/55). Ralph, the Chef of the Future, and Norton, the Chef of the Past, do a TV commercial.


1. 《阴阳魔界》之〈怪物将出现在枫树街〉(1960年3月4日)。邻人怀疑他们的邻居是怪物。
1. The Twilight Zone, "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" (3/4/60). Neighbor suspects neighbor of being a monster.
2. 《66号公路》之〈加强型天使〉(1960年11月4日)。布兹和托德帮助一位不情不愿的年轻母亲,她被当地镇民莫须有地指控犯下杀人罪。
2. Route 66, "The Strengthening Angels" (11/4/60). Buz and Tod help a reluctant young mother who's being railroaded into a murder charge by the local townspeople.
3. 《法律和琼斯先生》,[片头情节?] (1960年)。(1960). 琼斯先生坚决捍卫某承包人地利益,后者被迫在一项不合格工程中签名。
3. The Law and Mr. Jones, [debut ep.?] (1960). Mr. Jones fights on behalf of a
contractor being forced to put his name on substandard work.
4. 《迪克·范·戴克秀》之〈老师的皮特里〉(1964年5月13日)。当劳拉选了一节创意写作课时,罗布开始紧张起来。
4. The Dick Van Dyke Show, "Teacher's Petrie" (5/13/64). Rob gets nervous when Laura takes a creative writing class.


1. 《安迪·格里菲思秀》之〈鸟类学家欧派〉(1963年9月30日)。欧派杀死了一只母鸟,最后饲养起她的孩子。
1. The Andy Griffith Show, "Opie the Birdman" (9/30/63). Opie kills a mama bird and ends up raising her babies.
2. 《亡命天涯》之〈恶风〉(1966年3月8日)。陆军少尉Gerard让Kimble着陆在海湾岸边,但一场飓风迫使他们掩蔽起来。
2. The Fugitive, "Ill Wind" (3/8/66). Lt. Gerard runs Kimble to ground on the Gulf coast, but a hurricane forces them to take shelter.
3. 《比弗利山庄人》之〈鸟类观察员〉(1966年4月16日)。杰德和德莱斯代尔先生试图替埃莉?梅和一位电影明星牵线,以免她和鸟类观察员约会。(只选看最初5分钟和最后5分钟。)
3. The Beverly Hillbillies, "The Bird Watchers" (4/16/66). Jed and Mr. Drysdale try to fix Ellie May up with a movie star to keep her from dating a bird watcher. (First five minutes and last five minutes only.)
4. 《我是间谍》之〈人人生日快乐〉(1968年2月26日)。凯利和斯科特必须保护一位退休情报员及其家人,一位曾被这位情报员参与逮捕的男子企图对他进行报复。
4. I Spy, "Happy Birthday Everybody" (2/26/68). Kelly and Scott have to protect a retired agent and his family from the revenge of a man he once helped capture.


1. 《那个女孩》之〈他和她和他〉(1968年2月8日)。唐纳德的一个竞争对手向安求婚,她幻想起自己的左右为难。
1. That Girl, "He and She and He" (2/8/68). A rival of Donald's proposes to Ann and she dreams about her quandary.
2. 《科斯比秀》(1969年底)。切特必须想办法接舞伴去参加校园舞会。
2. The Bill Cosby Show (late '69). Chet has to figure out a way to pick up his date for a school dance that he's supposed to chaperone.


1. 《游戏名称》之〈2017年的洛杉矶〉(1971年1月15日)。格伦·霍华德发现自己生活在未来版的洛杉矶城中,从社会生态学上看,这是一个反面的乌托邦。编剧:Philip Wylie;导演:斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格。
1. The Name of the Game, "LA 2017" (1/15/71). Glenn Howard finds himself in an ecologically dystopian future version of Los Angeles. W: Philip Wylie; D: Steven Spielberg.


1. 《致所有岸上的朋友》(电视电影,1971年或1972年)。一位工薪阶级的父亲为了将来精打细算,却不得不面对儿子不会有将来的现实。
1. To All My Friends on Shore (made-for-TV movie, 1971 or '72). A working-class father who scrimps for the future has to confront the fact that his son won't have a future.
2. 《玛丽·泰勒·摩尔秀》之〈爱情无处不在〉(1970年9月19日)。玛丽·理查德兹移居明尼阿波利斯,她要面对的是新公寓、新工作,和被自己抛在身后的旧男友。
2. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, "Love Is All Around" (9/19/70). Mary Richards moves to Minneapolis and copes with a new apartment, a new job, and the old boyfriend she left behind.
3. 《外科医生》之〈领导者〉(1972年9月17日)。Hawkeye 和Trapper抽中彩票,送他们的男仆去读大学,但部队军官却反对这一奖赏。
3. M*A*S*H, pilot (9/17/72). Hawkeye and Trapper hold a raffle to send their houseboy to college, but the Army brass object to the prizes.
4. 《家庭琐事》之〈丽兹表姐〉(1977年10月9日)。伊迪丝和Archie参加了伊迪丝表姐的葬礼。
4. All in the Family, "Cousin Liz" (10/9/77). Edith and Archie attend the funeral of Edith's cousin.


1. 《根》,第二幕(1977年1月24?日)。Kunta Kinte被带上一条开往美国的运奴船。在美国,John Reynolds买下他并交给Fiddler。
1. Roots, ep.2 (1/24?/77). Kunta Kinte is brought on a slave ship to America, where John Reynolds buys him and gives him to Fiddler to break.
2. 《罗克福德档案》之〈上帝救我〉(1976年11月19日)。一位热心的检察官导致吉姆被叫到大陪审团面前,然后被关进监狱。
2. The Rockford Files, "So Help Me God" (11/19/76). Jim is called before a grand jury and thrown in jail by a zealous prosecutor.


1. 《玛丽·哈特曼》,第1幕(1976年1月)。玛丽不得不为蜡似的黄色结块、有枪支癖的丈夫、连环杀手和羊齿林中的暴露狂感到担忧。
1. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, ep. 1 (1/76). Mary has to worry about waxy yellow buildup, a husband with a gun fixation, a mass murder, and a flasher in Fernwood.
2. 《山街蓝调》之〈狂怒审判〉(1982年9月30日)。当两名男子被指控强奸并谋杀一位修女时,Furillo队长给他们的选择只有两个:一是坦白认罪,一是面对充当义务警员的暴民们。希尔和Renko受理一桩家庭纠纷案。Coffey和Bates、Washington和LaRue受理一桩抢劫/谋杀案。Belker努力说服一位放荡的妓女结束沿街卖笑的生涯。当希尔面临危机时,Calletano正按预定计划进行税务稽查。
2. Hill Street Blues, "Trial by Fury" (9/30/82). When two men are accused of raping and murdering a nun, the only option Capt. Furillo gives them besides confessing is facing a vigilante mob. Hill & Renko answer a domestic dispute call. Coffey & Bates and Washington & LaRue answer a robbery/murder call. Belker tries to convince a gay prostitute to give up the street. Calletano has a tax audit scheduled when there's a crisis on the Hill.
3. 《干杯》之〈心灵是孤独的捕鹬者〉(1985年1月10日)。黛安催促伙计把带上他们的渔船,但伙计们却带他去捕鹬。
3. Cheers, "The Heart Is a Lonely Snipe Hunter" (1/10/85). Diane urges the guys to take Frasier along on their fishing trip, but they take him on a snipe hunt instead.
4. 《科斯比秀》之〈门庭若市〉(1986年2月27日)。闲暇日里,克利夫试图在家中找个安静的角落看报。
4. The Cosby Show, "Full House" (2/27/86). Cliff tries to find a quiet corner of the house in which to read his newspaper on his day off.


1. 《罗珊娜》之〈这个单词是鸟〉(1990年11月13日)。贝齐在拍班级照时似乎做了一个猥亵的手势,这使罗姗娜和丹感到矛盾。
1. Roseanne, "Bird Is the Word" (11/13/90). Roseanne and Dan are ambivalent when it appears that Becky made an obscene gesture in her class photo.
2. 《情理法的春天》之〈古德出走〉(1993年1月31日)。刘易斯和Crosetti怀疑一名妇女为得到保险金谋杀了她的数任丈夫。Bolander怂恿Munch继续调查一桩已经搁置下来的案子,这起肇事逃逸案件的受害人为Jenny Goode。Pembleton向一位心碎的男孩盘问比他年长的爱人死去的事件。Felton让霍华德去负责他们的下一桩案件,但她成功保持了自己完美无缺的案件纪录。Giardello警官向新任侦探Bayliss解释了重案组的轮班规定,后者作为初级调查员接手的第一件工作是一名11岁小女孩被谋杀的案子。
2. Homicide: Life on the Street, "Gone for Goode" (1/31/93). Lewis and Crosetti suspect a woman of murdering several husbands for the insurance money. Bolander needles Munch into pursuing the cold case of apparent hit-&-run victim Jenny Goode. Pembleton grills a rent boy in the death of his elderly lover. Felton gets Howard to take their next call, but she manages to keep her perfect case record intact. Lt. Giardello explains how the homicide shift works to rookie detective Bayliss, whose first case as primary investigator is the murder of an 11-year-old girl.
3. 《艾伦》之〈穆达赫你好,法达赫你好〉(1997年5月7日)。艾伦向父母表明同性恋身份。
3. Ellen, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" (5/7/97). Ellen comes out to her parents.
4. 《白宫群英》之〈跛鸭国会〉。(2000年11月8日)。Bartlet总统同意对国会召开跛鸭会议的可行性进行调研,目的在于使禁止核试验条约取得批准,而Toby试图找出他们票数流失的原因。Josh试图使乌克兰国会的一位醉酒议员不被人们发现。堂娜组织办事员抗议白宫缺乏对减轻重复性压力损伤活动的支持。C.J. 试图保护总统免受一家发表令人不快的社论的报纸的攻击。萨姆把Ainsley带到国会山庄,Ainsley检验萨姆对雇员欺诈行为的了解程度。
4. The West Wing, "The Lame Duck Congress" (11/8/00). President Bartlet okays an exploration into the feasibility of calling a lame duck session of Congress in order to get a nuclear test-ban treaty ratified and Toby tries to find out where they may have lost votes. Josh tries to keep a drunken member of the Ukrainian Parliament out of sight. Donna organizes the clerical staff to protest the lack of White House support for reducing repetitive stress injuries. C.J. tries to protect the President from a newspaper whose editorials have been unfavorable. Sam takes Ainsley to Capitol Hill, and Ainsley tests Sam's knowledge of employee fraud.


1. 《跩妹黛薇儿》之〈粗鲁的艺术〉(1998年2月16日)。简和黛薇儿创作了一幅消极反映学生生活的海报,但李校长希望她们能修改一番后将这幅海报拿去参加比赛。
1. Daria, "Arts 'n' Crass" (2/16/98). Jane and Daria create a negative poster about student life, but Principal Li wants them to change it and enter it in a contest.
2. 《黑道家族》之〈脖颈向下〉(1999年2月21日)。小安东尼在学校惹了麻烦,这使托尼担心孩子会受到遗传因素影响。托尼告诉Melfi医生他是怎样了解到自己的父亲是黑道的。
2. The Sopranos, "Down Neck" (2/21/99). Anthony Jr. gets in trouble at school, which makes Tony worry that the apple may not fall far from the tree. Tony tells Dr. Melfi about how he came to realize his own father was a gangster.
3. 《盾牌》(又译作《光头神探》)之〈领导者〉(2002年3月12日)。Mackey探员亦正亦邪。Aceveda队长怀疑 Mackey收受贿赂,于是在Mackey率领的顽强不屈的精英冲锋队中安插了一名探员当眼线。Wyms 和Wagenbach探员接手的一桩谋杀案使他们寻找起受害人失踪的孩子。Sofer警官和新任警官试图在牵涉到被砍毁轮胎的三角恋中理出头绪来。Wagenbach探员对他上司文诌诌的态度感到疑惑。
3. The Shield, "Pilot" (3/12/02). Detective Mackey works both sides of the law. Captain Aceveda suspects that Mackey is corrupt and plants a spy on Mackey's elite hard-nosed Strike Team. The murder case that Detectives Wyms and Wagenbach are called to leads them to look for the victim's missing child. Officer Sofer and rookie Officer Lowe try to sort out a romantic triangle involving slashed tires. Detective Wagenbach gets hazed for his superior bookish manner.
4. 《乐奇》之〈领导者〉(2003年4月8日)。由于输掉了一年前打纸牌游戏时赢得的奖金,乐奇为举办妻子的葬礼不得不抢钱去还给亲家。
4. Lucky, "Pilot" (4/8/03). Since he's blown all the prize money from his poker competition a year before, Lucky has to scramble to pay back his in-laws for his wife's funeral.

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