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3.064聚合物工程是材料科学与工程系3门必修聚合物课程之一(另两门是3.062聚合物化学和3.063聚合物物理)。3.064 焦点在设计,包含加工的概念,在材料工程设计中使用聚合物材料的结构和特性。


每位同学需设计开发一件聚合物制成的载具(点选这里(PDF),如橱柜门的安全拴设计实例,可以避免幼儿取得清洁剂)。这个设计需用工程制图完成如SolidWorks® 或 AutoCAD®绘图软件,并包含材料规格和加工方法等。材料选择计算,应力分析,需包含在设计书面报告。设计图需植入Microsoft® PowerPoint®或其他发表简报软件,并在第38和39次上课发表。你可以在整个学期间构思,你必须先速读McCrum第8章以便提早开始。

允许并鼓励同学们共同研究作业,但必须自行撰写和提交各自的作业。尽管先前的研究结果对学习有帮助,抄袭复制自"书本"或其他来源是欺诈行为。一般常识可运用在这里。鼓励适当的运用计算机运算的结果; Maple®有很多很好的指定作业。


3.064 Polymer Engineering is one of DMSE's three restricted electives in polymers (the others are 3.062 Polymer Chemistry and 3.063 Polymer Physics). 3.064 is aimed at design, including those aspects of processing, structure and properties of polymers needed in materials engineering designs using these materials.

The subject carries 3-0-9 credit, so approximately three hours of outside work should follow each lecture hour. These outside hours will include a thorough reading of various sections of the McCrum text as assigned in the Schedule, and usually one engineering problem. The reading should be done before the next class meeting, and the problem should be turned in at the next class meeting as well. (Occasionally your personal schedule may force you to delay a day, but try to avoid this.) No penalty will be assessed for the occasional late submission. Grading will be based on the quality of the submitted problems, the vigor of your in-class discussion, the three quizzes, and the design you will present at the end of the term.

Each student will develop a design for a polymeric load-bearing article (Click here (PDF) for an example design of a cupboard-door safety latch, such as would keep a toddler from getting at the cleaning fluids.) The design will culminate in an engineering drawing such as would be rendered with SolidWorks® or AutoCAD®, to include a specification of material and processing method. Materials selection calculations, stress analyses, etc., will be included in the design writeup. The design drawing will be imported into Microsoft® PowerPoint® or other presentation software, and presented to the class during session 38 and 39 respectively. You should be working toward this design during the entire term, and you should skim chapter 8 of McCrum early to get started.

Student collaboration on homework is permitted and encouraged, but all work to be submitted should then be worked out and written up on your own. Copying directly from "bibles" or other such sources is cheating, although studying prior solutions can be an effective learning aid. Common sense should be exercized in this. Computer solutions are encouraged when appropriate; Maple® is excellent for many of the assigned problems.

There are no formal recitations, but you are encouraged to make frequent use of the Instructor's office hours for assistance or just informal discussion.

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