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The calendar lists both lecture (L#) and recitation (R#) sessions.

AG = Prof. Alan Grodzinksy
DL = Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger

課程單元 instructors 重要日期
L1 Introduction/Summary

I. Chemical Subsystem
L2 Continuity of Chemical Species, Flux, Reaction Rates, Boundary Conditions DL
R1 Molecular Transport and Mass Transport
L3 Diffusion

Begin Reaction

Damkohler #

Scaling and Approximations
L4 Example Problems: Separation of Variables Method AG
R2 Linear Operator Theory and Eigenfunction Expansion
L5 Example Problems: Separation of Variables Method (cont.)

Case Study: IGF Problem from Lecture L1 Using Matrix Continuum Distribution of IGF Binding Proteins

Numerical Considerations (if time)
AG Homework 1 due
L6 Diffusion/Reaction (cont. from Lecture L3)

Add Cell Related (Receptor) Binding
R3 Green's Functions
L7 Diffusion/Reaction (cont.)

Examples of Numerical Approaches to Nonlinear Problems
DL Homework 2 due
II. Electrical Subsystem
L8 IGF + E-field and Transport

Maxwell's Equations
L9 Define Potential, Conservation of Charge

AG Homework 3 due two days after L9
L10 Laplacian Solutions via Separation of Variables

Elec. Boundary Conditions Ohmic Transport and Electrochemical Systems
AG Homework 4 due two days after L10
L11 Charge Relaxation

Electrical Double Layers

Poisson Boltzmann
R4 Electro-Quasi-Statics (EQS)
L12 Donnan Equilibrium in Tissues, Gels, Polyelectrolyte Networks AG
L13 Charge Group Ionization and Electro-diffusion Reaction in Molecular Networks AG
III. Cellular Applications
L14 Experimental Methods DL Homework 5 due
L15 Ligand Binding to Cell Receptors DL
L16 Diffusion in Heterogeneous Media DL
III. Mechanical Subsystem; Electromechanical Case Studies
L17 Conservation of Mass and Momentum in Fluids DL
R5 Electrochemical Subsystem
L18 Newtonian, Fully Developed Low Reynold's Number Flows

DL Midterm exam due
L19 Capillary Electroosmosis-Electrophoresis in MEMs and Microfluidics AG
L20 Streaming Potentials

Begin Electrophoresis
IV. Mechanical, Electrical and Physicochemical Interactions: Integrative Case Studies
L21 Convective Solute Transport DL
L22 Hindered Transport in Membranes and Tissues DL Homework 6 due
L23 Coupled Fluid and Electrical Shear Stresses: Cell/Molecular Electrophoresis AG
L24 Convective and Charge Relaxation Effects in Double Layers: Electrokinetics AG
L25 DLVO Theory - Double Layer Repulsion and Molecular Interactions (Proteins, DNA, GAGs) AG Homework 7 due
R6 Urinary Tract Infection Problem/Final Review
L26 Tissue/Molecular Swelling Stresses: Donnan (Macro) vs. Poisson Boltzmann (Nano) AG Final exam due one day after L26