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課程單元 重要日期
1 The Brain: Between the Ears, Behind the Eyes
2 Motivation and Emotion: "Reason Alone Cannot Move Us To Do Anything"
3 Learning: The Power of Association
4 Sensing: Gathering the Information Paper 1 due
5 Attending: Limiting the Information
6 Perceiving: Interpreting the Information
7 Memory: What Do You Remember?
8 Cognition: How Do You Think?
9 Cognitive Development: How Do Children Think?
10 Language: What Do You Say? Paper 2 due
11 Language Development: What Do Children Say?
Midterm Exam
12 Intelligence: How Do We Know You Are Smart?
13 The Battle of the Sexes: Love and Evolution
14 Social Exchange: Romantic Economics
15 Attitudes and Behaviors: How Can We Be Controlled? Paper 3 due
16 Who Are You? The Psychology of the Self
17 From Dissociation To Repression
18 Freud and the Development of Morality
19 Freud and Fairy Tales
20 Sleep and Dreams
21 Defining Mental Illness: Are Suicide Bombers Insane? Paper 4 due
22 Causing Mental Illness: What Can Make You "Lose" Your Mind?
23 Curing Mental Illness: Beyond Magic Bullets
Final Exam