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For each lecture, students are given a brief handout containing an outline, key questions, and points to ponder. Slides on vision (LEC 5) and memory (LEC 6) are also presented here.

1 The Brain: Between the Ears, Behind the Eyes (PDF) (MP3 - 29.4MB) (RM - 16K)
2 Motivation and Emotion: "Reason Alone Cannot Move Us To Do Anything" (PDF) (MP3 - 45.2MB) (RM - 16K)
3 Learning: The Power of Association (PDF) (MP3 - 44.8MB) (RM - 16K)
4 Sensing: Gathering the Information (PDF) (MP3 - 44.2MB) (RM - 16K)
5 Attending: Limiting the Information (PDF)

Lecture Slide Collection (PDF)
(MP3 - 46.5MB) (RM - 16K)
6 Perceiving: Interpreting the Information (PDF)

Lecture Slide Collection (PDF)
(MP3 - 44.9MB) (RM - 16K)
7 Memory: What Do You Remember? (PDF) (MP3 - 45.6MB) (RM - 16K)
8 Cognition: How Do You Think? (PDF) (MP3 - 44.8MB) (RM - 16K)
9 Cognitive Development: How Do Children Think? (PDF) (MP3 - 43.8MB) (RM - 16K)
10 Language: What Do You Say? (PDF)
11 Language Development: What Do Children Say? (PDF) (MP3 - 40.8MB) (RM - 16K)
12 Intelligence: How Do We Know You Are Smart? (PDF) (MP3 - 48.0MB) (RM - 16K)
13 The Battle of the Sexes: Love and Evolution (PDF) (MP3 - 46.7MB) (RM - 16K)
14 Social Exchange: Romantic Economics (PDF) (MP3 - 42.4MB) (RM - 16K)
15 Attitudes and Behaviors: How Can We Be Controlled? (PDF) (MP3 - 47.1MB) (RM - 16K)
16 Who Are you? The Psychology of the Self (PDF) (MP3 - 47.1MB) (RM - 16K)
17 From Dissociation To Repression (PDF) (MP3 - 47.2MB) (RM - 16K)
18 Freud and the Development of Morality (PDF) (MP3 - 42.9MB) (RM - 16K)
19 Freud and Fairy Tales (PDF) (MP3 - 42.8MB) (RM - 16K)
20 Sleep and Dreams (PDF) (MP3 - 48.7MB) (RM - 16K)
21 Defining Mental Illness: Are Suicide Bombers Insane? (PDF) (MP3 - 44MB) (RM - 16K)
22 Causing Mental Illness: What Can Make You "Lose" Your Mind? (PDF) (MP3 - 46.1MB) (RM - 16K)
23 Curing Mental Illness: Beyond Magic Bullets (PDF) (MP3 - 29.9MB) (RM - 16K)