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This page provides several forms of study materials: midterm and final exams from previous terms, a set of "Jeopardy"-style questions for the midterm and final exams, and review notes for several chapters of the textbook.

Old Exams

Final Exam 1998 (PDF)

Final Exam 1999 (PDF)

Final Exam 2000 (PDF)

Final Exam 2001 (PDF)

Midterm Exam 2001 (PDF)

Final Exam 2002 (PDF)

Midterm Exam 2002 (PDF)

Final Exam 2003 (PDF)

Midterm Exam 2003 (PDF)

"Jeopardy" Questions

Jeopardy Final (PDF)

Jeopardy Midterm (PDF)

Textbook Review

Chapter 10-14 Review (PDF)

Chapter 11 Review (PDF)

Chapter 13-15 Review (PDF)