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課程單元 重要日期
1 Introduction to the Nervous System
2 Membrane Channels and Signaling
3 Ionic basis of the Resting Potential
4 Action Potential I
5 Action Potential II
6 Neurons as Conductors: Propagation of the Action Potential Problem set 1 due
7 Electrical and Chemical Synaptic Transmission
8 Mechanisms of Transmitter Release at Synapses
9 Indirect Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission
10 Biochemistry of Synaptic Transmission Problem set 2 due
11 Learning and Memory I
12 Learning and Memory II
13 From Genes to Structure to Behavior
14 Nervous System Development I
15 Nervous System Development II
16 Axon Guidance I
17 Synapse Formation
18 Fine-Tuning Synaptic Connections
19 Vision I
20 Vision II
21 Hearing Problem set 3 due
22 Olfaction and Other Sensory Systems
23 Pain and Thermoreception
24 Higher Order Cognitive Function
Final Exam