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1 介紹。 組織,讀物,研究。 研究動物及其行為的方法。
Introduction. Organization, Readings, Projects. Approaches to the Study of Animals and Their Behavior.
2 經典作品; 動物行為學的核心概念。
Classics; Key Concepts in Ethology.
3 社會生物學的核心概念。
Key Concepts in Sociobiology.
4 學習過程中的核心概念。
Key Concepts in Learning.
5 棲息地選擇。 巢穴選擇;地盤;分布;遷移。
Habitat Selection. Nest Site Selection; Territoriality; Dispersal; Migration.
6 棲息地選擇。 巢穴選擇;地盤;分布;遷移。
Feeding. Foraging or Stalking; Prey Capture; Storage/Hoarding; Consummation. Tool Use. Cooperation among Conspecifics.
7 躲避掠食者的行為。偵查;欺瞞掠食者; 防禦 --個體,社群;其他的適應。
Antipredator Behavior. Detection; Tricking the Predator; Defenses -- Individual, Social; Other Adaptations.
8 性行為。 身體和行為的同種異形現象;社會組織,支配架構;性徵的演化,原始用途的解放。
Sexuality. Dimorphisms in Body and Behavior; Social Organization, Dominance Structures; Evolution of Sexual Signals, Emancipation from Original Uses.
9 交配和繁衍。 成對結合的多樣化和優勢; 庇護的傾向及其演化;多數不同物種的解放行為的相似性。
Mating and Reproduction. Pair Bonding Varieties and Advantages; Brood Tending and Its Evolution; Similarities of Emancipated Actions Across Widely Different Species.
10 維持身體機能(除了進食和躲避掠食者)。排除;溫度調節;整潔,清潔身體和巢,及這些社會用途的行為的演化/ 解放; 對疾病和傷害的反應; 睡眠和活動週期;築巢的其他功能,適應。
Maintenance Functions (Other than Feeding and Predator Avoidance). Elimination; Temperature Regulation; Grooming, Cleaning of Body and Nest, and Evolution/Emancipation of these Actions for Social Uses; Reactions to Illness and Injury; Sleeping and Activity Cycles; Nesting re Other Functions, Adaptations.
11 蒼蠅和其他昆蟲。
Flies and Other Insects.
12 嚙齒動物和兔形目動物。群居對非群居; 專業化與一般化/非專業化
Rodents and Lagomorphs. Social vs. Solitary; Specialized vs. Generalized/Non-specialized.
13 貓和其他大型的掠食動物;白鼬
Cats and Other Large Predators; Ferrets.
14 食草動物︰有蹄類動物;大多數鯨類動物。
Vegetarian Foragers: Ungulates; Most Cetaceans.
15 靈長類︰猴子。
Primates: Monkeys.
16 靈長類︰猿。
Primates: Apes.
17 人類行為學。
Human Ethology.
18 認知動物行為學/比較認知。
Cognitive Ethology/Comparative Cognition.
19 被囚禁的野生動物。籠裡的動物重新適應自然,比較在擁擠狀態下的人類。 動物權利。動物的宗教觀點。 成功或者出錯的保育成果
Wild Animals in Captivity. Animals in Cages re Natural Adaptations, cf. Humans in Crowded Conditions. Animal Rights. Religious Views of Animals. Conservation Efforts that Succeed or Go Awry.
20 行為藥物學和毒理學。 在實驗室和荒野的行為病理學。
Behavioral Pharmacology and Toxicology. Behavioral Pathologies in Laboratory and in the Wild.
21 研究報告。
Project Reports.

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