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The key for lecturers is as follows:

ALL: All instructors.
AIB: Professor Arnold Barnett, Sloan School of Management
ARO: Professor Amedeo Odoni, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
RCL: Professor Richard Larson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

課程單元 Lecturers
1 Introduction, Overview ALL
2 Pedestrian Crossing Problem 1 AIB
3 Pedestrian Crossing Problem 2 AIB
4 Functions of Random Variables 1 AIB
5 Functions of Random Variables 2 AIB
6 Geometrical Probability I AIB
7 Geometrical Probability II AIB
8 Some Transportation Models AIB
9 Introduction to Queues; Little's Law ARO
10 Markov Birth-and-Death Queues ARO
11 More General Markov Queues ARO
12 The M/G/1 Queue and Extensions ARO
13 Quiz 1
14 Congestion Pricing ARO
15 Queueing Networks; Dynamic Queues ARO
16 Hypercube Queueing Model I RCL
17 Hypercube Queueing Model II RCL
18 The Queue Inference Engine RCL
19 Introduction to Networks ARO
20 Node and Edge Covering ARO
21 Location Problems ARO
22 Probabilistic Routing and Location ARO
23 Simulating Randomness AIB
24 Implementation RCL
25 Quiz 2
26 Final Roundup ALL