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比較媒體研究(Comparative Media Studies)

MIT Comparative Media Studies



麻省理工學院比較媒體研究系所的研究和教育計畫針對的是各種傳統媒體的教育、娛樂、溝通、政治和經濟的功能。教師們在歷史研究和介紹性互動專題的的方面的卓越表現都廣獲肯定,在數位媒體方面他們也同時創造了新的思考模式,以及製造和使用數位媒體的新概念。我們和在幾項研究和相關計畫中和Microsoft、Initiative Media、LeapFrog Enterprises、American Theatre Wing、以及Royal Shakespeare等公司都有密切的合作。


Comparative Media Studies is the examination of media technologies and their cultural, social, aesthetic, political, ethical, legal, and economic implications. At MIT, students are trained to think critically about properties of all media and about the shared properties of different media, as well as the shared properties and functions of media more generally, both within one period of time and across generations.

MIT Comparative Media Studies offers both undergraduate degree opportunities, as well as a two-year course of study leading to an SM degree.

MIT Comparative Media Studies research and educational projects explore a wide variety of traditional media and their uses in education, entertainment, communication, politics, and commerce. Faculty are widely recognized for their leadership in developing both archival and instructional interactive projects, creating new models for thinking about, producing, and using digital media. Through several research and project initiatives we work closely with Microsoft, Initiative Media, LeapFrog Enterprises, American Theatre Wing, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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