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1. 新進與更新課程-民謠音樂、微積分與進化



21L.423J 英裔美國人的民謠音樂介紹(Introduction to Anglo-American Folk Music)

18.785 解析數論(Analytic Number Theory)

18.01 單變數微積分(Single Variable Calculus)

12.215 現代導航(Modern Navigation)

8.033 相對論(Relativity)

1.264J 資料庫、網際網路與系統整合技術(Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies)

3.987 人類的起源與進化(Human Origins and Evolution)

3.986 人類的過去:考古學導論(The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology)


2. 開放式課程計畫的架設鏡相網站計畫



3. 訪客觀點 – 開放式課程計畫如何帶來改變?


– 麻省理工院校友,來自美國。






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July 2007 Newsletter


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In this issue:

1. New and Updated Courses – Folk Music, Calculus, and Evolution


The following are new and updated courses on MIT OCW.

21L.423J Introduction to Anglo-American Folk Music (MIT)

18.785 Analytic Number Theory (MIT)

18.01 Single Variable Calculus (MIT)

12.215 Modern Navigation (MIT)

8.033 Relativity (MIT)

1.264J Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies (MIT)

3.987 Human Origins and Evolution (MIT)

3.986 The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology (MIT)

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2. OCW Mirror Site Program


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3. Views from Visitors - How OCW Makes a Difference


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