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課程單元 重要日期
1 Ion Channels Permeation - Prof. David P. Corey

Neurocytology: Neurons - Prof. Elio Raviola
2 Ion Channel Gating - Prof. David Corey

Neurocytology Synapses - Prof. Elio Raviola
3 Action Potentials and Axonal Conduction - Prof. David P. Corey Problem set 1 due
4 Synaptic Overview and Neuromuscular Junct - Prof. Thomas L. Schwarz

Diseases of Nerve Conduction - Prof. Alfred W. Sandrock, Jr.
5 Mechanisms of Transmitter Release - Prof. Thomas L. Schwarz

Synaptic Transmissions: CNS Receptors - Prof. Thomas L. Schwarz
6 Ion Channel Disease - Prof. Robert H. Brown Problem set 2 due
7 G-Protein Linked Receptors - Prof. Thomas L. Schwarz Problem set 3 due
8 Synaptic Integration - Prof. Rachel Wilson

Synaptic Plasticity and LTP - Prof. Chinfei Chen
9 Epilepsy - Prof. Elizabeth Anne Thiele

Psychopharmacology - Prof. Timothy Turner
Exam I
10 Overview, Meninges - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Spinal Cord
11 Peripheral Nerves and Cranial Nerves - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Brainstem I
12 Cranial Nerve Nuclei - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Brainstem II
13 Brainstem Tracts and Review - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Brainstem III
14 Cerebellum - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Cerebellum
15 Thalamus and Hypothalamus - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Horizontal Plane Brain Cutting
16 Basal Ganglia - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Coronal Plane Brain Cutting
17 Cerebral Cortex - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Limbic System (I) - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch
18 New Approaches to Brain Imaging - Prof. Bruce Robert Rosen

Lab: Cerebral Cortex
19 Limbic System II and Diffuse Projecting System - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Limbic System
20 Vasculature - Prof. Matthew P. Frosch

Lab: Vasculature
Exam II
21 Light Detection by Retina - Prof. Richard H. Masland

Olfaction - Prof. Rachel Wilson
22 Primary Visual Coding - Prof. Richard H. Masland

Retinal Disease - Prof. Joseph Rizzo
23 Visual Processing in the Cortex - John A. Assad

Higher Visual Processing - John A. Assad
24 Somatic Sensation - Prof. David P. Corey

Pain - Prof. Emery Neal Brown
25 Hair Cells of the Inner Ear - Prof. David P. Corey

Auditory Coding - Prof. David P. Corey
26 Vestibular System/VOR - Prof. David P. Corey

Motor I: Muscles, Nerves, Spinal Cord - Prof. Emad Eskandar
27 Motor II: Brainstem and Cortex - John A. Assad

Motor III: Cerebellum - John A. Assad
28 Motor IV: Basal Ganglia - Prof. Emad Eskandar

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Prof. Robert H. Brown, Jr.
29 Parkinson Disease - Prof. Martin A. Samuels

Practical - The Neurological Exam - Prof. Martin A. Samuels
Exam III
30 Neural Cell Fates - Lisa V. Goodrich

Cell Migration and Cortical Malformations - Prof. Christopher A. Walsh
31 Axon Guidance and Myelination - Lisa V. Goodrich

Survival and Apoptosis - Prof. Rosalind A. Segal
32 Synapse Formation: Presynaptic - Prof. Joshua Sanes

Synapse Formation: Postsynaptic - Prof. Joshua Sanes
33 Activity-Dependent Development - Prof. Carla J. Shatz

Critical Periods - Prof. Carla J. Shatz
34 Spinal Cord Injury - Prof. Zhigang He

Birdsong: A Model for Speech - Prof. Richard Mooney
35 Excitotoxicity and Stroke - Prof. Frances E. Jensen

Neural Precursors - Prof. Jeffrey D. Macklis
36 Memory - Prof. Andrew E. Budson

Alzheimer Disease - Prof. Bradley T. Hyman
37 Fear - Prof. Steven E. Hyman

Addiction - Prof. Steven E. Hyman
Final Exam