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Computational Biology Tools

Herbert Meyer's Bioinformatics World - Herbert Meyer's Bioinformatics world provides a review of categorized applications and databases used for bioinformatics research.

Pathways, Interactions and Function - The section on Pathways, Interactions and Function should be particularly useful for the BooDiesel project.

OMIM - OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) is database that catalogs human genes and genetic disorders.

GeneCards - GeneCards is a database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases. It offers concise information about the functions of all human genes that have HGNC-approved symbols, as well as other genes.

Renewable Energy Links

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Web page contains good links to various reports on renevable energy sources.

Monthly Energy Review is a good journal for various stats on energy consumption, pricing etc.

Biodiesel Community is a Web page tutorial on how to make biodiesel from vegitable waste oil.

Wikipedia entry references several good studies.

The University of Idaho Biodiesel Group has performed several studies of biodiesel emmission and commercial viability.

The biodiesel warehouse is one among many companies that offer equipment for people to produce their own biodiesel from waste vegetable oils.

Energy Information Administration on biodiesel - critical paper on concerned with the commercial viability of large scale biodiesel from soybean oil.

Some information on Global Demand for Oil

HapMap Resources

Examples of Association studies using HapMap data (this association study uses relative risk), and tutorials for analyzing HapMap data.

PolyPhen for analyzing the effect of amino acid substitutions on proteins