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Course Format

This year will emphasize one coherent team project (in contrast to the 2000-2003 focus on problem sets with a small project at the end). This will be facilitated by a shared wiki course Web site and class discussion that includes a round robin approach to make sure all voices are heard. Each student will participate in a class-wide project to provide decision-making tools for global/local technology development and deployment. By the second class session, each student is required to have a web page or wiki that describes their part of the class project that will have on-going updates during the evolution of their work over the course of the semester.

The specific (standard) skills students are to develop include statistics, modeling, datamining, systems biology, and technology development.


No prerequisites. It is assumed that each of you brings some expertise to be integrated with the goals and talents of other team members. Each student should make this clear at the start of the project and build on it as the course proceeds.


Grades will be based on:

Participation (Round Robin) 25%
Personal Wiki Page (Weekly) 25%
Contribution to Group Project/Article 25%
Peer Evaluations 25%