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Yannas readings are chapters in the course textbook: Yannas, I. V. Tissue and Organ Regeneration in Adults. New York: Springer, 2001. ISBN: 0387952144.

LEC # 課程單元 閱讀資料
I. Unit Cell Processes and Mechanics of Matrix Molecules and Tissues Structures
1 Clinical Examples of the Roles of Mechanical Forces in Tissues and Organs: The Working Paradigms Spector notes (PDF)
2 Tissue Structures and Unit Cell Processes Spector notes (PDF)
3 Cell-Matrix Interactions: Extracellular Matrix Molecules, Adhesion Proteins and Integrins Spector notes (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

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Vale, Ronald D., and Ronald A. Milligan. "The Way Things Move: Looking Under the Hood of Molecular Motor Proteins." Science 288 (April 7, 2000).
4 Models for the Mechanical Behavior of Porous Scaffolds
5 Structure-Properties Relationships for Tissues
6 Mechanics of Selected Tissues
II. Mechanics of Cells: Effects of Exogenous Forces and Endogenous Force Generation
7 Effects of Exogenous Mechanical Forces on Cells Spector notes (PDF)
8 Response of Cells to Substrate Strain Banes, Albert J., Mari Tsuzaki, Juro Yamamoto, Thomas Fischer, Brian Brigman, Thomas Brown, and Larry Miller. "Mechanoreception at the Cellular Level: The Detection, Interpretation, and Diversity of Responses to Mechanical Signals." Biochem Cell Biol 73 (1995): 349-365.

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9 Endothelial Cell Response to Flow
10 Quiz 1
11 Measuring Cell Contraction

Cell Force Monitor
12 Endogenous Mechanical Force Generation by Cells
13 Models for Cell Contraction In Vitro and In Vivo
14 Mechanical Coupling of Cells with Matrix Yannas, Chapter 8.
15 Cell-matrix Interactions During Wound Closure Yannas, Chapter 9.
16 Blockade of Contraction During Induced Organ Regeneration Yannas, Chapter 9.
17 Review Oliver, Tim, Juliet Lee, and Ken Jacobson. "Forces Exerted by Locomoting Cells." Cell Biology 5 (1994): 139-147.

Rutherford, Dr. Jack. "Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle." (PPT)

Wu, Richard C. "Physiology of smooth muscle." (PPT)
18 Quiz 2
III. Tissue Mechanics
19 Review of Principles of Linear Elastic Mechanics Yannas, Chapter 10.
20 Nonlinear Elasticity: Tendon and Skin Yannas, Chapter 11.
21 Linear Viscoelastic Behavior Yannas, Chapter 9.
22 Response of Articular Cartilage to Mechanical Loading
23 Mechanical Behavior of Ligament, Meniscus and Intervertebral Disc
24 Mechanical Behavior of Bone
25 Response of Bone to Mechanical Loading

26 Quiz 3

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