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The calendar includes the following: lectures (L), recitations (R), discussion (D) and Quizzes (Q). Lectures, recitations and quizzes meet with course 6.034.

課程單元 重要日期
D1 Organizational Meeting
L1 Introduction
R1 Scheme Review and Matching
L2 Search Problem set 1 out

Problem set 2 out
D2 Introduction to Diagnostic Reasoning
L3 Search (cont.)
R2 Searches Problem set 1 due
L4 Constraint Satisfaction Problem set 2 due
D3 Diagnosis by Pattern Matching and Search
L5 Games
R3 CSP and Games Problem set 3 out
L6 Learning as Search Problem set 3 due
D4 Causal Reasoning
L7 Formulating Search
R4 Design Project 1 Design project 1 out
L8 Decision Trees
D5 Receiver-Operator Characteristics Curves to Evaluate Systems
L9 Naïve Bayes Design project 1 due
R5 Design Project 1 Presentation and Question-Answer
Q1 Quiz 1
D6 Prognostic Modeling
L10 Continuous Features
R6 Naïve Bayes and Nearest Neighbor Problem set 4 out
L11 Linear Separators Problem set 4 due
D7 Classification Methods for Gene Expression Data
L12 Neural Nets
R7 SVM Problem set 5 out
L13 SVM Problem set 5 due
D8 Predictive Models
L14 Feature and Model Selection Problem set 6 out
R8 Problem Set 6 Problem set 6 due
Q2 Quiz 2
D9 Learning Medical Reasoning
L15 Formulating Learning
R9 Introduction to Logic Design project 2 out
L16 Introduction to Logic and Representation
D10 Pragmatics
L17 Propositional Logic Design project 2 due
R10 Design Project 2 Presentation and Question-Answer
D11 Medical Knowledge Representation
L18 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
R11 Logic and Proof Problem set 7 out
L19 First Order Logic Problem set 7 due
D12 Evaluation of Complex Decision Support Systems
L20 First Order Logic (cont.)
R12 Syntax and Semantics Problem set 8 out
L21 Rules Problem set 8 due

Problem set 9 out
D13 Rule-Based Expert Systems
L22 Language
R13 Problem Set 9 Problem set 9 due
L23 Language
D14 Student Presentations
L24 Conclusion
Final Exam