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HST.947 students are expected to complete all readings for 6.034. The Chapter readings assigned for lecture sessions (L) come from the course lecture notes. Additonal readings are assigned for the weekly discussion sessions (D) as listed in the table.

課程單元 閱讀資料
D1 Organizational Meeting
L1 Introduction Chapter 1
R1 Scheme Review and Matching
L2 Search Chapter 3 (Sec 3.1-3.5)
D2 Introduction to Diagnostic Reasoning Szolovits, P., and S. G. Pauker. "Categorical and probabilistic reasoning in medical diagnosis." Artificial Intelligence 11, nos. 1-2 (1978): 115-144.

Pauker, S. G., G. A. Gorry, J. P. Kassirer, and W. B. Schwartz. "Toward the Simulation of Clinical Cognition: Taking the Present Illness." American Journal of Medicine 60 (1976): 1-18.
L3 Search (cont.) Chapter 4 (Sec 4.1-4.3)
R2 Searches
L4 Constraint Satisfaction Chapter 5
D3 Diagnosis by Pattern Matching and Search Wu, T. D. "Efficient Diagnosis of Multiple Disorders Based on a Symptom Clustering Approach." In Proceedings of the Eighth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Menlo Park, CA: AAAI Press, 1990, pp. 357-364.

Pople, H. E., Jr. "Heuristic Methods for Imposing Structure on Ill-Structured Problems: The Structuring of Medical Diagnostics." Chapter 5 in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Edited by P. Szolovits. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1982, pp. 119-190. ISBN: 0891589007.
L5 Games Chapter 6 (Sec 6.1-6.3)
R3 CSP and Games
L6 Learning as Search
D4 Causal Reasoning Schwartz, W. B., R. S. Patil, and P. Szolovits. "Artificial intelligence in medicine: where do we stand." New England Journal of Medicine 316 (1987): 685-688.

Patil, R. S., P. Szolovits, and W. B. Schwartz. "Causal understanding of patient illness in medical diagnosis." In Proceedings of the Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1981, pp. 893-899.

———. "Information acquisition in diagnosis." In Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 1982, pp. 345-348.

Patil, R. S. "Causal Representation of Patient Illness for Electrolyte and Acid-Base Diagnosis." MIT Ph.D. Thesis, 1981.
L7 Formulating Search
R4 Design Project 1
L8 Decision Trees Chapter 18 (Sec 18.1-18.3)
D5 Receiver-Operator Characteristics Curves to Evaluate Systems Lasko, T. A., J. G. Bhagwat, K. H. Zou, and L. Ohno-Machado. The Use of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves in Biomedical Informatics. (In press.)
L9 Naïve Bayes Chapter 18 (Sec 18.1-18.3)
R5 Design Project 1 Presentation and Question-Answer
Q1 Quiz 1
D6 Prognostic Modeling Cooper, Gregory F., et al. "Predicting Dire Outcomes of Patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia." Journal of Biomedical Informatics 38, no. 5 (2005): 347-366.
L10 Continuous Features Chapter 20 (Sec 20.4)
R6 Naïve Bayes and Nearest Neighbor
L11 Linear Separators Chapter 20 (Sec 20.5-20.6)
D7 Classification Methods for Gene Expression Data Statnikov, A., et al. "A comprehensive evaluation of multicategory classification methods for microarray gene expression cancer diagnosis." Bioinformatics 21, no. 5 (2005): 631-643.

Kuo, W. P., et al. "A primer on gene expression and microarrays for machine learning researchers." Journal of Biomedical Informatics 37 (2004): 293–303.
L12 Neural Nets Chapter 20 (Sec 20.5-20.6)
L13 SVM Chapter 20 (Sec 20.5-20.6)
D8 Predictive Models Marcin, J. P., et al. "Combining physician's subjective and physiology-based objective mortality risk predictions." Crit Care Med 28, no. 8 (2000): 2984-90.

Steyerberg, E. W., et al. "Validation and updating of predictive logistic regression models: a study on sample size and shrinkage." Statist Med 23 (2004): 2567-2586.
L14 Feature and Model Selection Chapter 20 (Sec 20.5-20.6)
R8 Problem Set 6
Q2 Quiz 2
D9 Learning Medical Reasoning Coderre, S., et al. "Diagnostic reasoning strategies and diagnostic success." Medical Education 37 (2003): 695-703.

Arocha, J. F., et al. "Identifying reasoning strategies in medical decision making: A methodological guide." Journal of Biomedical Informatics (2005 - in press.)
L15 Formulating Learning
R9 Introduction to Logic
L16 Introduction to Logic and Representation
D10 Pragmatics Hunt, D. L., et al. "Effects of Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support Systems on Physician Performance and Patient Outcomes." JAMA 280, no. 15 (1998): 1339-46.

Kawamoto, K., et al. "Improving clinical practice using clinical decision support systems: a systematic review of trials to identify features critical to success." BMJ (British Medical Journal) 330, no. 7494 (2005): 765.

Ammenwerth, E., and N. de Keizer. "An Inventory of Evaluation Studies of Information Technology in Health Care." Methods Inf Med 44 (2005): 44-56.

Nielsen, J. "Medical Usability: How to Kill Patients Through Bad Design."
L17 Propositional Logic Chapter 7 (Sec 7.1-7.5)
R10 Design Project 2 Presentation and Question-Answer
D11 Medical Knowledge Representation Rector, A. L., et al. "The GRAIL Concept Modelling Language for Medical Terminology." Extended version of the paper in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 9 (1997): 139-171.

Trombert-Paviot, B., et al. "GALEN: a third generation terminology tool to support a multipurpose national coding system for surgical procedures." International Journal of Medical Informatics 58-59 (2000): 71-85.
L18 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
R11 Logic and Proof
L19 First Order Logic Chapter 8 (Sec 8.1-8.3)
D12 Evaluation of Complex Decision Support Systems Berner, E. S., et al. "Performance of Four Computer-Based Diagnostic Systems." New England Journal of Medicine 300 (1994): 1792-6.

Fraser, H. S. F., et al. "Evaluation of a Cardiac Diagnostic Program in a Typical Clinical Setting." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 10 (2003): 373-381.
L20 First Order Logic (cont.) Chapter 9 (Sec 9.1, 9.2, 9.5)
R12 Syntax and Semantics
L21 Rules Chapter 9 (Sec 9.4)
D13 Rule-Based Expert Systems Davis, R., B. G. Buchanan, and E. H. Shortliffe. "Production Rules as a Representation for a Knowledge-Based Consultation Program." Artificial Intelligence 8 (1977): 15-45.

Yu, V. L., B. G. Buchanan, E. H. Shortliffe, S. M. Wraith, R. Davis, A. C. Scott, and S. N. Cohen. "Evaluating the Performance of a Computer-Based Consultant." Comp Programs in Biomedicine 9 (1979): 95-102.

Yu, V. L., et al. "Antimicrobial Selection by a Computer: A Blinded Evaluation by Infectious Diseases Experts." JAMA 242, no. 12 (1979): 1279-82.
L22 Language Chapter 22 (Sec 22.1-22.5)
R13 Problem Set 9
L23 Language Chapter 22 (Sec 22.1-22.5)
D14 Student Presentations
L24 Conclusion
Final Exam