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1 Introduction: Brief Introduction to Biomedical Informatics and Outline of the Course - Dr. M. F. Ramoni (PDF)
2 Bioinformatics: Introduction to the Bioinformatics Module. Central Dogma of Molecular Biology. Short Biology Primer. Human Genome Project. The Role of Computational Sciences in the New Biology - Dr. M. F. Ramoni (PDF)
3 Structural Genomics: Human Variations. Genetic and Genomic Studies. Evolutionary Pressure and Selection. SNPs and Haplotypes. Haplotype-tagging - Dr. M. F. Ramoni (PDF)
4 Human Variations: Human Variations. Analysis of Human Variations. Association Studies. Complex Traits. The Genomic Study of the Future - Dr. M. F. Ramoni (PDF)
5 Sequencing: Genome Sequencing at the Human Genome Project - Dr. R. Nicol
6 Genome-wide Genomic: SNP Microarrays and High-density Genotyping - Dr. S. Monti
7 Functional Genomics - Dr. A. Kho (PDF) Courtesy of Dr. Alvin Kho. Used with permission.
8 Expression Microarrays: Meta Elements of Transcriptome Profiling - Dr. A. Kho (PDF - 3.6 MB) Courtesy of Dr. Alvin Kho. Used with permission.
9 Annotation Databases: This Lecture will Present the Most Important Public Databases of Genomic Knowledge Currently Available. Using the Flow of Information Inside a Cell (DNA - RNA - Proteins) as our Guiding Principle, We will Highlight the Specific Features and Characteristics of Each Resource, their Limitations, and How they Relate to Each Other - Dr. A. Riva
10 Genomic Privacy - Dr. C. Cassa
11 Pharmacogenomics - Dr. S. Weiss
12 Proteomics: Introduction to the Proteomics Module. Old Proteomics: Western Blot, SDS-PAGE, etc. New Proteomics: Automation/parallel High-throughput Analysis with Mass Spectrometry (SELDI, MS/MS), Yeast Two-hybrid, and Protein Microarrays - Dr. G. Alterovitz
13 Proteomics: Interactome: Introduction to the biological networks with focus on interactomes. Common themes and fundamental algorithm considerations underlying networks are explored with interactome examples such as the human massome network. Different types of biological networks are outlined as well as corresponding mathematical representations and related analysis. Recent developments in scale-free networks and analysis are described - Dr. G. Alterovitz
14 Clinical Informatics: Computing Support for the Academic Healthcare Enterprise - Dr. D. Nigrin
15 Telemedicine - Dr. H. Fraser
16 Decision Support Systems: Introduction to Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Biomedical Sciences - Dr. M. F. Ramoni (PDF)
17 Patient Confidentiality: Slightly Controlled Information Exhibitionism in the Genetic Age - Dr. I. S. Kohane (PDF - 1.2 MB)
18 Revision Class - Dr. M. F. Ramoni
19 Geographic Health Information: Slightly Controlled Information Exhibitionism in the Genetic Age - Dr. J. Brownstein
20 Medical Image Processing: Image Guided Therapy and the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing - Dr. R. Kikinis
21 Biosurveillance - Dr. K. Mandl
22 Pharmacoeconomics - Dr. S. Finkelstein
23 Public Health Informatics - Dr. B. Reis
24 Student Presentations
25 Student Presentations (cont.)