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《紐約市的持續暴力—1863年徵兵暴動》-Arian Shahdadi (PDF)


Session 11: First Paper, circa 5 pages

Provide a narrative of the entire event to be studied, with a bibliography of the best sources on the event. Indicate which of these sources provided the basis for your narrative.

Session 17: Second Paper, circa 3-5 pages

List a set of major questions, usually from five to eight, and appropriate subsidiary questions that cover the entire event being examined, from its beginning to end. Choose one of those major questions for closer study in the final paper and explain why that question was chosen. Identify the relevant secondary and primary sources on that specific question, indicating where (particularly with regard to primary sources) those sources are available.

Although the greater part of the second paper will probably be devoted to the list of major and subsidiary questions, be sure that it also covers the rest of the assignment! No paper will be accepted without a bibliography on the specific question chosen for further work, which is different from the general bibliography submitted with the first paper (although of course some works will probably appear on both).

Session 25: Final Paper, circa 15-18 pages

Answer the question chosen in the previous paper. All papers must be based on both primary and secondary sources, that is, on documents of the time as well as subsequent studies. Papers should not simply distill information from other secondary studies since the point of this exercise is to give students experience in doing first-hand historical research. All papers must also include footnotes and a bibliography or bibliographical essay presented in a full, clear, and consistent form.

Since this is a Communications Intensive Subject, students will normally be asked to rewrite at least one of the first two papers. In rewriting papers, students are encouraged to consult a writing tutor. Note that the purpose of rewrites is to improve the skills not only of students who have difficulty writing but also those who are already capable writers. Rewrites must be turned in within two weeks of when the original papers were handed back. Although there can be no rewrites of final papers, students can submit drafts of the final paper for comments and suggestions to the instructors or the writing tutor before preparing the final version.

One of the final papers from the class is presented here. All work is courtesy of the student named and used with permission.

The Continued Violence of the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 - Arian Shahdadi (PDF)