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  1. 到課幷參與課堂討論。本課程全以討論方式來教授。因此,學生必須預先閱讀指定材料幷參與討論。學生要在特別安排的論文寫作課堂時,就其選擇的論文題目(見下)作簡單但具有說服力的陳述。課堂表現會成爲期末成績的重要考慮因素。.

  2. 準備三份論文,最後一份要求是關於暴亂、罷工與陰謀的研究論文,而其內容沒有在課上討論過,但應採用在課堂討論中學會的分析技巧。正如以下課程安排所示,特殊課堂將講述如何選擇合適的論文題目,進行研究以及準備期末論文。學生在第6課或之前要就其所選論文題目做簡單發言,這些題目也在第7課討論。之後,書面作業在如下時間提交:
    • 第11課:第一份論文,大約5頁
    • 第17課:第二份論文,大約3-5頁
    • 第25課:期末論文,大約15-18頁


Writing Tutor

Madeline Brown


This course uses readings and discussions to focus on a series of short-term events that shed light on American politics, culture, and social organization. This semester will focus on four events: the Boston Tea Party of 1773; the crisis at Boston over the case of Anthony Burns, an escaped slave, in 1854; the textile workers' strike at Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1912; and the student uprisings at Columbia University in 1968. The course places its emphasis on finding ways to make sense of these complicated, highly traumatic events, and on using them to understand larger processes of change in American history. The class also gives students experience with primary documentation research through a term paper assignment.


  1. Attendance and participation in class discussions. This subject is taught entirely through discussions. As a result, it is essential that students come to class having read the assigned readings and participate in discussions. Students will also be expected to give brief, cogent presentations on their chosen paper topics (see below) in the specially scheduled classes on writing papers. Class performance will be a significant consideration in assigning grades.

  2. Preparation of three papers, of which the final one will be a research paper on a riot, strike, or conspiracy not discussed in regular class meetings, but which applies the analytic techniques developed there. As the schedule below indicates, special classes will be devoted to choosing an appropriate paper topic, conducting research, and preparing final papers. Students will be asked to turn in a brief statement of topics on which they might write their papers on or before the class in session 6, and those proposed topics will be discussed in class on session 7. Thereafter written assignments will fall due as follows:
    • Session 11: First paper, circa 5 pages
    • Session 17: Second paper, circa 3-5 pages
    • Session 25: Final paper, circa 15-18 pages

There will be no final examination.