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一個半世紀之前,托克維爾(Alexis de Tocqueville)提出, 1789年的法國大革命構成了長期行政和社會變革的頂點,而非與過去的決裂。在課程中,我們將通過研究從「太陽王」路易十四到拿破崙.波拿巴的統治中,法國歷經的四方面來講述托克維爾的見解:絕對主義,啟蒙運動,革命和帝國。通過研究一手和二手資料,我們將看到在一個半世紀以來,法國人的物質生活、精神世界、個人和公共身份是如何變化的。



活動 分數
課堂參與 30分
四篇三頁長的論文(每篇20分) 80分
研究論文 80分
口頭報告 10分
總分 200分

Subject Description

A century and a half ago, Alexis de Tocqueville argued that the Revolution of 1789 in France constituted the culmination of long-term administrative and social changes, rather than a rupture with the past. In this class, we will consider that Tocquevillian insight by examining four aspects of French experience from the reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV, to the rule of the Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte: Absolutism, Enlightenment, Revolution, and Empire. Through the study of primary and secondary sources, we will see how the material lives, mental worlds, and individual and communal identities of the French changed over this century and a half.

Subject Requirements

Attendance and class participation is mandatory. Students will write four three-page papers, due in class on the dates indicated below, and a final research paper of 12-15 pages in length. Each student will also present an oral report based on the research paper. Each assignment will be weighted as follows in the calculation of the final grade, although these calculations will also take into account improved performance during the course of the semester:

Class Participation 30 points
Four Three-page Papers (20 points each) 80 points
Research Paper 80 points
Oral Report 10 points
Total 200 points