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課程單元 重要日期
Week One
1 Introduction: Reason in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
2 Demography, Geography, Agriculture, Global Trade, 1600-1850
Week Two
3 Galileo and the Roman Catholic Church
4 The Cartesian Method
Week Three
5 The Trial of Charles I, King of England (1649)
6 Louis XIV and the Court at Versailles First paper due
Week Four
7 Writing Workshop
Week Five
8 The Radical Enlightenment
9 The Newtonian Moment Rewrite of first paper due
Week Six
10 The Encyclopedia of Diderot and d'Alembert
12 Cosmopolitanism and the Jews in the Eighteenth Century
Week Seven
13 France in the Age of Democratic Revolution Second paper due
14 Revolution in France
Week Eight
15 The Trial of Louis XVI
Week Nine
16 After The King's Trial: Terror, Napoleon, Restoration
17 Conservatism Created: A Response to Reason and Revolution
Week Ten
18 Hegel: History, Reason, and the State
19 Romanticism in Literature, Art, and Music
Week Eleven
20 The Industrial Revolution and the Movement to Abolish Slavery Third paper due
Week Twelve
21 A Cultural Interpretation of Industrialization
22 Nineteenth-Century Liberalism
Week Thirteen
23 Utopian Socialist Experiments
24 The Revolutions of 1848 and The Communist Manifesto
Week Fourteen
25 Darwin and Christian Theology (or, Galileo Revisited)
26 Conclusion Fourth paper due