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1 Introduction
2 The Decline of the Mercantilist Empires: From 1492 to the Early 19th Century
3 Classic Theories of Imperialism First map quiz: The World
The Foundation of "British" India, and the Roots of a New Imperialism
4 From "John Company" to the Mutiny of 1857
5 Shifting Economic Rationales: From "Free Trade" to Opium Wars
(New) Views of Exotic Lands and Exotic "Others"
6 Charting New Terrain: Discovering "Darkest Africa"
7 Ethnography and "Race Science"
8 Imperial and "Civilizing" Missions
9 Discussion: Mike Davis, Late Victorian Holocausts (2002) First paper due
Partitioning the World
10 From the Great Game to the Scramble for Africa
11 The Berlin Conference: Power-Politics and Map Fantasies Second map quiz: Africa
12 Colonial Warfare I: Conquest of Africa, Boer War, Boxer Uprising
13 Genocides in the Belgian Congo and German South-West Africa
Empire in the Metropole
14 The Imperial Nation on Display
15 Imperial Masculinities and Femininities
Case Studies of Transformation in the Colonies
16 Hawaii
17 Discussion: Ferdinand Oyono, Houseboy
18 Discussion: George Orwell, Burmese Days Second paper due
Narratives (and Counter-Narratives) of Development
19 The First World War
20 Colonial Economics and "Modernization"
Twilight of Empire
21 Empire in the Second World War
22 A New World Order? From the Suez Crisis to Vietnam
Decolonization in Asia and Africa
23 Decolonization
24 Independent Nationalism of the New Elites Final paper due (on Fanon)
New Imperialisms?
25 The Neo-Colonialism of "Globalization"?
26 The New American Empire?
Final Exam Week