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課程單元 重要日期
1 Introduction
2 Social and Political Democratization: Argentina, 1880 to 1930 (and some tangos) Map quiz

Homework #1 due
3 The Mexican Revolution and its Aftermath Homework #2 due
4 Authoritarian Populism in Brazil: 1930-1964 Homework #3 due
5 The "Browning and Blackening" of Latin American Ideology: Mestizaje and Luso-Tropicalism (2 hours only) Homework #4 due
6 The Haitian Revolution, 1791-1804, and its Aftermath
7 The U.S. and Latin America, to 1959 Homework #5 due
8 The Cuban Revolution Homework #6 due
9 Class Presentations
10 Class Presentations (cont.)
11 The Southern Cone After the Cuban Revolution: Coups, Military Dictatorships, and the Legacy of Torture Homework #7 due
12 Women, Gender, and Feminism in Twentieth-Century Latin America Homework #8 due
13 Latin American Identity at the Outset of the Twenty-First Century: Politics, Economics, Religion Homework #9 due
14 Final Exam