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Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide. (PDF)


Characteristics of Long Distance Trade Before 1500. (PDF)

Arab Civilization. (PDF)

America's Role in the Iran-Iraq War: From the Iran-Contra Affair to Iraqgate. (PDF)

Protestant Reformation and European Rivalries. (PDF)

Quotations from William Cronin's Changes in the Land: English Colonists and Americans in New England. (PDF)

United Kingdom. (PDF)

Imperialism in Africa: Case of South Africa. (PDF)

Jamaica. (PDF)

"Transatlantic Slave Trade": Summary of Hugh Thomas, "The Transatlantic Slave Trade," in The Atlantic World in the Age of Empire. Edited by Thomas Benjamin, Timothy D. Hall, and David E. Rutherford. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001, pp. 145-152. (PDF)

France 1500-1789. (PDF)

Labor, Violence, and Democratization in England. (PDF)

China 1500-1911: China in the Late Ming Period. (PDF)

Ch'ien Lung's Reply to George III of 1793. (PDF)

History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Through Maps. (PDF)

Russia & Backwardness. (PDF)

The Great F&*%-Up. (PDF)

Post-War (WWI) Conditions. (PDF)

World War II. (PDF)

Japan. (PDF)

Russia 1500-1800. (PDF)

Cold War/Decolonization Timeline of Events. (PDF)

The World Since 1492: The Iberian Conquest of Mexico. (PDF)

Maps and Their Significance by Lecture. (PDF)

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