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課程單元 重要日期
1 Introduction

Review of course expectations and overview of the key questions of the course.
2 Film

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's A Midwife's Tale.
This film, based on the path-breaking book of the same title, offers a powerful narrative recreation of one historical moment. We will use this moment to help contextualize the social scientific questions addressed in next week's reading.
3 The New Economics of the Family
4 The 'New' Global Economy

Women's work: the care and cleaning of a society.
One page discussion paper due in class
5 Family Labor and the Standard of Living in the Industrial Revolution

Male/female wage gaps, capital accumulation and household welfare.
6 "His and Hers: Gender, Consumption and Household Accounting in 18th Century England." (Special lecture by Amanda Vickery)

Sponsored by the Sahin Lecture Series in the History Section and by the Program in Women's Studies.
7 Continuity and/or Change Since the Middle Ages; or How did we Get Here?
8 Asian Women's Work

The gendered division of labor in Late Imperial China.
One page discussion paper due either this lecture or next depending on which subject you wish to write about
9 Black Women's Work

The division of labor by gender and race in America.
One page discussion paper due if you did not do it for lecture 8
10 Use class time to work on individual research projects. Students should also schedule individual appointment times with me during the preceding week to discuss the topic for your project. Annotated bibliography for final research paper due five days after lecture 10
11 Gender, Class and Networks of Care
12 The Problem of Reproduction in an Early Modern Economy

Reproductive technologies in Late Imperial China.
13 The Problem of Reproduction in the Present

The connection between reproduction and inequality in the labor market.
Final papers due six days after lecture 13