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In addition to the assignments from the Spring 2004 version of the course, Prof. Shankar Raman's assignments may be downloaded.

Essay 1 (PDF)
Essay 2 (PDF) (PDF)

Eleanor Pritchard (PDF) (Courtesy of Eleanor Pritchard. Used with permission.)

Samantha Polak (PDF) (Courtesy of Samantha Polak. Used with permission.)


Essay 3 (PDF)

Spring 2004 Assignments

In addition to the reading assignments and exam, students are asked to:

  • Perform in a carefully rehearsed scene from one of Shakespeare's plays.
    • Rehearsal instructions (PDF)

  • Write three focused and thoughtful essays: one on a relationship between the text and screen or live versions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Much Ado About Nothing; one with specific attention to theme and language in Othello or Hamlet; and one longer paper comparing two plays in a specific, thoughtful way.
    • On the first essay, I type up extensive comments for each student to use when revising the essay. For the second essay, after their editing exchange with another student and their submission of the essay to me, they get handwritten comments and have the option of revising. For the final comparative essay, they can consult with me beforehand, but there is no revision.
    • Essay 2 editing exchange checklist (PDF)
    • Essay 4 instructions (PDF)
      • Sample student essay courtesy of Eleanor Crane,"The Henry in Henry V " (PDF) (Courtesy of Eleanor Crane. Used with permission.)

  • Attend screenings of a number of film adaptations, and at least one stage production.
  • Keep a reading/performance journal, online or in a notebook, for recording your own memories and insights (this is not for me ).
  • Attend and participate energetically in our discussions throughout the semester.
    • Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream comments (PDF)
    • Othello notecards (PDF)
    • Tempest roundtable background information (PDF)

Assignments by Class Session

課程單元 作業
1 Introduction and Overview Assignment for Session 3: Read A Midsummer Night's Dream
2 Film Screening of A Midsummer Night's Dream
3 A Midsummer Night's Dream Look at the Royal Shakespeare Company's Web site essay on designing "Midsummer" by Tom Piper
4 A Midsummer Night's Dream (cont.) Read Much Ado About Nothing
5 Much Ado About Nothing Begin working on your paper
6 Film Screening of Much Ado About Nothing
7 Much Ado About Nothing (cont.)
Paper 1 due (exploring the relationship between an episode in performance-screen or live-and the written text)
8 Much Ado About Nothing (cont.) Read Othello, carefully
9 Othello Reread Othello, carefully
10 Othello (cont.)
11 Othello (cont.) Read Hamlet, carefully
12 Hamlet Work on your paper revision
13 Hamlet: Performance Groups Assigned
Revision of paper 1 due

Metamedia Hamlet: look at some of the online sites, including Hamlet on the Ramparts, and comment on images in our class site
14 Hamlet (cont.) Read the play in which you shall be performing, if you have not yet done so
15 Performance Group Meetings Assignment for Session 16: Read Henry IV, Part I
16 Hamlet (cont.) Metamedia Hamlet: Look at some of the online sites, including Hamlet on the Ramparts, and comment on images in our class site
17 Hamlet (cont.)

Begin Henry IV, Part I
Course status email (PDF)

(As relevant) Prepare section reports
Paper 2 due (close reading with attention to theme and language)
18 Henry IV, Part I. Section Reports
19 Film Screening of Laurence Olivier's Henry V (1944)
20 Group Rehearsals Read Henry V carefully
21 Film Screening of Kenneth Branagh's Henry V (1989)
22 Henry IV and Henry V. Section Reports. And/Or Guest Designer
23 Henry V. Section Reports, if not completed. Dress rehearsals
Performances (Scenes from Hamlet, Henry IV, and Henry V)

Read King Lear, carefully
24 King Lear Optional paper 2 revision due
25 Film Screening of Ran
26 King Lear Write your comparative essay
27 King Lear (cont.) Read The Tempest
28 The Tempest
Comparative essay due

(As relevant) Prepare section reports
29 The Tempest (cont.)
30 Film Screening of Prospero's Books
31 The Tempest and Conclusions
Final Examination During Exam Period

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