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This course contains lectures, lab sessions and recitations, which are presented in the calendar using the following abbreviations.

L = Lecture
Lab = Lab
R = Recitation

課程單元 重要日期
L1 Introduction
L2 Media Convergence
R1 Media Convergence - What is Jenkins' Argument? What are Counter Examples? Reading response 1 due
Lab 1 The Society of Spectacle Screening
L3 Origins of Media and Media Theory Class media studies wiki due
R2 Reading Response Discussion Reading response 2 due

Paper 1 due
Lab 2 Blade Runner Screening
L4 Library Research

What is Authoritative Information in the Age of the Network?
L5 Game Mods (Guest Lecture by Paul Marino)
L6 Media is the Message / Simulacra and Simulation
R3 Discussion of Media Projects and Modes of Working
R4 Working Groups
Lab 3 Battle of Algiers Screening
L7 Theory of Media: Terrorism as Media Tool
R5 History of Media: Kittler Class presentation 1 due

Paper 2 due
Lab 4 eXistenZ Screening
L8 Media Lab Field Trip
R6 Media Acts
Lab 5 Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y Screening
L9 Media and Property: Creative Commons

Guest Lecture by Hal Abelson
R7 Politics of Media: Discussion of Creative Commons License
Lab 6 Sonic Outlaws Screening
L10 Audio Media: History of Mechanical Audio

Guest Lecturer by Lisa Gitelman
Paper 3 due
R8 Independent Work Group Meetings
L11 Television's Past, the Actualization of Mass Media
R9 The Future of Television

Discussion Led by Tom Levenson
Media assignment 2 due
Lab 7 Eyes on the Prize Screening
L12 Postmedia Production: Electronic Music Culture / Digital Radio

Student Podcast Demo
L13 Final Project: Class Presentations Final project and class presentation 2 due