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本課程會指導學生瞭解不列顛群島和北美的民間音樂。我們將描繪出"民間音樂"和"民間詩歌"的特色,包括捶ざq謠中的揚z特色,盡力再現一種歷史背景,其中這種音樂曾經是日常生活中不可或缺的一部分。我們也會概觀音樂收藏品的歷史,從Pepys 充滿猛烈抨擊意識的收藏,Percy的《紀念品》到Gow收集的小提琴曲調。收集民樂的熱情將被放到一個更大的歷史、社會、政治的大環境中。我們會追隨提琴風格和捶ざq謠的變遷去看看美國,尤其是其在19、20世紀民樂收集歷史的輪廓。



Whisnant, David 《民族集粹:美國民族的政治文化》 Chapel Hill 北卡羅萊納州大學出版社 1986
Ritchie, Jean 《坎伯蘭郡的歌唱家庭》 Lexington, Ky 肯塔基大學出版社
《我們歌唱著的國家》 John A. Lomax and Alan Lomax收集整理 紐約:人名 1941
Harker, David. Fakesong. Milton Keynes: 電視大學出版社1985.
Child, Francis J.《英格蘭和蘇格蘭的流行歌謠》 紐約: Dover, 1965, 第一卷
CD: 《英格蘭和愛爾蘭的經典歌謠》 Alan Lomax Collection. (Rounder 1775) (Rounder 1775)

Syllabus (PDF)


This subject will introduce students to scholarship about folk music of the British Isles and North America. We will define the qualities of "folk music" and "folk poetry," including the narrative qualities of ballads, and we will try to recreate the historical context in which such music was an essential part of everyday life. We will survey the history of collecting, beginning with Pepys' collection of broadsides, Percy's Reliques and the Gow collections of fiddle tunes. The urge to collect folk music will be placed in its larger historical, social and political contexts. We will trace the migrations of fiddle styles and of sung ballads to look at the broad outlines of the story of collecting folk music in the USA, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In addition to several response papers about concerts attended in the course of the semester, students will be expected to trace variations in a single ballad and write a ballad about its literary qualities. They will also be asked to write a paper describing the melodic and rhythmic characteristics most often found in folk music. Presentations in the last weeks of the semester will entail either performing a fiddle tune or a ballad the student has learned or else presenting a piece of music that he or she has collected.

Required Texts

Coursepack of articles.
Whisnant, David. All That is Native and Fine: The Politics of Culture in an American Region. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1986.
Ritchie, Jean. Singing Family of the Cumberlands. Lexington, Ky.: University Press of Kentucky, 1988.
Our Singing Country. Compiled by John A. Lomax and Alan Lomax. New York: Macmillan, 1941.
Harker, David. Fakesong. Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1985.
Child, Francis J. English and Scottish Popular Ballads. New York: Dover, 1965, Vol. I.
CD: "Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland." Alan Lomax Collection. (Rounder 1775)

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