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SES # 課程單元
1 Introduction - Welcome Aboard
2 Film

Wiene, Robert. The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. 1920.
3 Marlowe, Christopher. Dr. Faustus.
4 First journal due
5 Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein.
6 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "The Birthmark," and "Rappacini's Daughter."
7 Journal due
8 Video

Christie, Agatha. "The Mirror Cracked From Side to Side." Miss Marple. Vol. 2. A&E Home Video, 1992.
9 Doyle, Arthur Conan. A Study in Scarlet.
10 Journal due
11 An open discussion of modern "Sherlockery." Take the time to watch an episode of any of the current "detective shows" - especially the "scientific" shows like the assorted versions of "CSI" or "Crossing Jordan." More traditional "procedurals" like "NYPD Blue" or "Law and Order" will serve just fine, though. No matter which one.
12 Hillerman, Tony. Sacred Clowns.
13 Journal due
14 Film

Young, Terence. Dr. No. 1962. (The first James Bond film.)
15 LeCarre, John. The Tailor of Panama.
16 Brecht, Bertolt. Galileo.
17 Journal due
18 Banville, John. Kepler.
19 Gleick, James. Isaac Newton.


Else, John. The Day After Trinity. 1980.
20 Journal due
21 Frayn, Michael. Copenhagen.
22 Film

Kubrick, Stanley. Dr. Strangelove. 1964.
23 Journal due
24 We'll do some organizing - your task this week will be to seek out and interview an MIT grad student about the "pursuit of mastery." If you're desperate to have something to read, there is a good book about the Whitehead: Natalie Angier, Natural Obsessions, a nd a more recent autobiography, Pepper White's The Idea Factory.
25 Journal Assignment: Summarize your findings about the life of MIT grad students.
26 Discussion of the results of your research on grad students.
27 Discussion of Teachers

Optional Readings

Kidder. Among School Children.

Edmundson. Teacher.

Come to class prepared to describe the best teacher you've ever encountered.
28 Optional Readings

Rich, Adrienne. "Planetarium."

Bloom, Harold. Genius.
29 We'll view the pilot episode of "House."

Optional Readings

Williams, William Carlos. "The Use of Force," "Old Doc Rivers," "Medicine," "Hell's Kitchen," and "First Years of Practice."

Thomas, Lewis. "Becoming a Doctor."
30 Final presentations due

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