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課程單元 重要日期
1 The Courtly Love Tradition

2 Domination and Desire
3 Dolce Stil Nuovo First reader response due
4 Ennobling Love: Sublimation and Subjection
5 Historical Background: Secular Politics Presentations I
6 Historical Background: Church Politics Presentations II
7 Florentine History and the The Divine Comedy
8 Epic and Romance 5-page write-up of oral presentation due
9 Moral Perversion and Linguistic Distortion
10 Confession and the Practice of Penitence
11 Nature and the Power of Love
12 Ecstatic Desire
13 Moral Cosmology Second reader response due
14 Visions of the Ideal Society
15 The Ends of Language
16 The Plague of Language
17 Comedy and Tragedy
18 Rhetoric and Redemption
19 Historical Background: The Fourteenth-Century Renaissance in England Presentations III
20 Britain and the Myth of Trojan Origins
21 Ricardian Politics 5-page write-up of oral presentation due
22 Free Will and Determinism
23 Mediators and Mediation Mandatory re-write due
24 Multiplicity and Indeterminacy
25 Tragedy and Transcendence
26 What Is This Thing Called Love?

Final paper due