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Guidelines for Reader Responses

Reader Responses

讀書報告應為2頁,用12級字列印,雙倍行距, 頁邊距為1英寸,各頁用釘書機裝訂並標上頁數。每篇讀書報告必須包括以下3大內容:
Reader Responses should be 2 pages in length, type written in 12-point type, double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides, stapled together, and each page must be numbered. Each Reader Response will consist of three principal parts as described below:

  1. 提出文中奇異、不熟悉、獨特或是疑難處,並給你留下深刻印象的特色(例如:描寫、主題、事件、文章、敘事構架、結構組織、風格、句型釋譯、特殊資訊或者道德問題等等)。解釋你認為的特別處或者它與你的想像間的差異。
    Identify some feature within the text (e.g., imagery, theme, incident, passage, narrative structure, framing device, style, sentence construction, message or moral, etc.) which happens to strike you as strange, unfamiliar, remarkable, or problematic, and explain what it is that you find so unusual about that particular element or how it differs from what you might have expected.

  2. 思考這個特色在課文中是如何鋪陳的,在上下文或者整體敘述中的可能功能和目的,為什麼此特色要用此特定方式表現。
    Consider how that feature is operating within the text, what function or purpose it might be serving within its immediate context or within the broader narrative as a whole, and why it might have been represented in this particular manner rather than some other way.

  3. 解釋此特色在探究文本的特定含義與影響時,是如何幫助你理解課文大意的。
    Then explain how this feature helps you to interpret the general meaning of the text as you explore the particular implications and consequences of your new understanding.

Presentation Assignment

Choose one of the following topics for a 10-minute in-class. One week later you will turn your presentation into a formal 5-page write-up. You will be required to conduct research on your topic from at least 3 published sources (one of which at least should be a full-length book, and no more than one may be from a web-site). The themes themselves are very broad and cover a long period of time, so you will need to exercise some discrimination in the information you choose to present. You should plan, therefore, on selecting information on the basis of its general significance (the important insights it provides into medieval culture, the spread of its influence, or the decisiveness of its impact and effects). In presenting your material, you should pay special attention to the consequences and implications for the lives of medieval women.

  1. 羅馬帝國衰亡的影響
    The Consequences of the Fall of the Roman Empire
  2. 基督教會的受迫害與成長
    Persecution and the Growth of the Institutional Church
  3. 修道社群和宗教秩序的發展
    The Development of Monastic Communities and Religious Orders
  4. 軍閥統治社會和封建制度的建立
    Warlord Societies and the Establishment of Feudalism
  5. 中世紀的神話和傳說
    Medieval Myths and Legends
  6. 加洛林帝國的興衰
    The Growth and Decline of the Carolingian Empire
  7. 中世紀女皇的地位和皇室組織
    Medieval Queenship and Royal Institutions
  8. 伊斯蘭教的興起和基督教十字軍東征
    The Rise of Islam and the Christian Crusades
  9. 格列高列改革運動
    The Gregorian Reform Movement (a.k.a. The Investiture Controversy)
  10. 婚姻制度的變化和宗教立法
    Changes in Marriage Arrangements and Church Legislation
  11. 聖體捐獻和情感虔誠的新傳統
    Eucharistic Devotion and New Traditions of Affective Piety
  12. 神祕主義,異端邪說和基督教會組織
    Mysticism, Heresy, and the Institutional Church
  13. 順勢療法術和女性行醫者
    Homeopathic Medicine and Female Practitioners
  14. 中世紀後期的城鎮生活和商業社會
    Town Life and Merchant Society in the Late Middle Ages
  15. 農業和中世紀經濟
    Agriculture and Medieval Economies
  16. 中世紀後期國家的誕生和民族主義的發展
    The Growth of Nations and Nationalism in the Late Middle Ages
  17. 藏經樓和手稿的作品
    Scriptoria and Manuscript Production
  18. 中世紀的音樂
    Medieval Music

Final Paper Assignment

Length: 8-10 typed pages, double-spaced in 12-point type, stapled, with pages numbered.

Choose one of the following topics and write a complete, well-developed, and coherent argument, which defines the significance of any key terms you apply, supplies evidence and illustrative examples from the texts to support your claims, and provides clear and consistent criteria for making judgments and drawing inferences. Your treatment should discuss in depth at least two and not more than three of the works studied this semester. (You may allude to any number of other works incidentally for the purpose of providing examples or counter-examples for your main argument). You are encouraged to do further research, and any information you receive from outside sources should be fully referenced with footnotes and bibliography.

  1. 中世紀時,女性在傳統上被排除在權力之外,這是根據她們在生理、道德能力、智力和精神方面屈居男性之下的假設。思考不同期間的女性個體如何通過寫作以掌握自己的命運,並討論一些女性作家如何將所謂的弱勢轉化為優勢。
    If, during the Middle Ages, women were traditionally excluded from the exercise of power on the basis of their presumed physical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual inferiority to men, consider the different strategies and tactics that individual women employed at different times to take control of their lives through the exercise of writing. Show how some were even able to convert perceived weaknesses into strengths.

  2. 首先,思考社群的重要價值;這些女作家各居一隅、不能互通往來,因此無法接觸到其他女作家的作品,只能接觸到那些和她們關注截然不同的男性作家的作品。
    Consider the value of community and of a commonly shared tradition in light of the fact that most of these women writers lived in isolation from one another, were not exposed to the writings of other women, and only came into contact with the writings of men who typically did not share the same concerns as they did.

  3. 在喬叟的《坎特伯利的故事》中,巴思(Bath)的妻子說到:「天哪,假若女性所寫下的故事,如教士們所給予傳道一樣多,那她們所寫的男子的罪惡,那亞當的言論或許可被加以矯正。」。事實上,女性在中世紀時的確勤於書寫,但她們多半不公開地批評男性的缺點,反而和作為她們的老師、告解者、秘書、父親、丈夫和情人的男性合作。想像這些女性作家如何思考兩性的關係和性別在她們的作品中所扮演的角色。
    In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath exclaims, "By God, if wommen hadde writen stories, / As clerkes han withinne hir oratories, / They wolde han writen of men moore wikkednesse / Than al the mark of Adam may redresse." The truth is that women did write stories throughout the Middle Ages and that, for the most part, they did not openly castigate the male sex for its failings. Rather, they worked cooperatively with men who served as their teachers, confessors, secretaries, fathers, husbands, and lovers. Consider how these women envision gender relations and the role of gender in their writings.

  4. 中世紀長達一千年(西元450-1500)。對於中世紀社會和文化不熟悉的人會認為在這期間,人們對於世界的看法沒有絲毫變化。選擇三個不同時期、地方的作家的觀點,證實這些先入為主的觀念是錯誤的。
    The Middle Ages is a period that extends for over a thousand years (ca. 450 - 1500). Most people who are unfamiliar with medieval societies and cultures would assume that nothing changed in the way people viewed the world during that time. Show how such preconceptions would be mistaken based on the evidence you adduce from three authors from three different timeperiods and/or locations.

  5. 選擇你自己的題目。你應先向導師繳交一份建議的論文題目以獲得批准。
    Choose a topic of your own. If you select this option, you should submit a written copy of your proposed essay question to your instructor for approval.

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