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編輯:吳貞芳(Doris Wu)(簡介並寄信)

Midterm Exam

You must include a signed pledge stating that the work is entirely your own. Do not consult the internet or other sources; use your notes, texts, and memory.

If you hand-write your responses, please write legibly.

Choose five of the following:

  1. 狄更斯所說的「行善到遠方」是什麼意思?以目前我們所讀到的進度,他在作品《荒涼山莊》中如何運用這個概念?

    What does Dickens mean by "Telescopic Philanthropy"? How does he use the idea in the part of Bleak House we've read so far?

  2. 「哥德式藝術本質」文中,羅斯金所說的三種裝飾“servile奴僕式、constitutional師徒合作式和revolutionary自由創作式”指的是什麼? 羅斯金認為哪一種最貼切 (也就是,他怎麼看待哥德式建築) ? 其原因為何? 為什麼他要用政治性字眼來描述這種裝飾性和美感性的事物呢?
    編註: 為了更貼切羅斯金的本意,這三種裝飾的翻譯為意譯,而非按字面意思翻, 因此特將英文一併列出。(譯者同意)

    Explain what Ruskin means, in "The Nature of Gothic," by servile, constitutional, and revolutionary ornament. Which does he consider the best (i.e., which does he see in Gothic architecture), and why? Why does he use adjectives drawn from the vocabulary of politics to describe something decorative or aesthetic?

  3. 《瑪莉包頓》裡,蓋斯凱爾如何運用敘事詩「奧耳丹的織布工」?

    How does Gaskell use the ballad "The Oldham Weaver" in Mary Barton?

  4. 在「時間的記號」文中,卡萊爾以「人的頭腦, 心智, 雙手變得像機器一樣」這句話來總結他那個年代的趨勢,請問所指為何?

    What does Carlyle mean when he sums up the tendency of his era by saying, in "Signs of the Times," "Men are grown mechanical in head and in heart, as well as in hand"?

  5. 羅斯金說在「交通」一文中說:「品味… 是唯一道德」是什麼意思?

    What does Ruskin mean when he says, in "Traffic," "Taste … is the ONLY morality"?

  6. 《荒涼山莊》中的「巴巴利小姐」這個名字涵義可能為何? 這對我們了解艾絲特的成長背景狀況有何幫助(在John Jarndyce收養她之前)?

    What might be the significance of the name "Miss Barbary" in Bleak House? What does it contribute to our understanding of the condition in which Esther grew up (before being taken under John Jarndyce's wing)?

  7. 《瑪莉巴頓》的前言堙A蓋斯凱爾提到她寫作這本書的靈感來源時,說到:「我想到,”浪漫”這東西,在我定居的城鎮裡的忙碌大街上那些天天跟我擦肩而過的路人心中,究竟存在著甚麼意義? 」這裡她提到的「浪漫」在文脈中是什麼意思?這裡所說的「擦肩」又是何意?

    In the preface to Mary Barton, Gaskell says she came up with the idea of her book when, as she puts it, "I bethought me how deep might be the romance in the lives of some of those who elbowed me daily in the busy streets of the town in which I resided." What does she mean by "romance" in this context? And what does the "elbowing" seem to mean to her?

  8. 蓋斯凱爾的《瑪莉包頓》裡的「地下室」有甚麼象徵意涵?在地下室裡,每天上演的好戲又是什麼?討論相關的文段(也可從我印給你們的Joseph Adshead的節錄文章中討論)。

    What symbolic significance do cellars have for Gaskell in Mary Barton? What great drama is daily played out in them? Discuss the relevant passages (and the photocopied excerpt from Joseph Adshead, if you wish).

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