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Work Expectations

Written Work

  1. 在第九課前記住一首短詩(長度至少有14行)。證明你是如何理解該詩的。自選詩及證明模式。
    Memorize a short poem (at least 14 lines long) by Lecture 9. Prove somehow that you know it; you choose the poem and the mode of proof.

  2. 「細讀」兩首詩,寫兩篇分析/說明的文章(每篇大約四頁長,每首詩寫一篇)。(在課堂上我們將討論並練習「細讀」的方法。)自選詩。在期中之前至少交一篇說明,在第24課前交另一篇。你應該選擇一首我們課上沒有詳細且廣泛地討論過的詩。
    In two short essays (ca 4 pages each) parse/explicate 2 poems (one each) in a "close reading." (In class we'll discuss and practice techniques of "close reading.") You choose the poems. Do at least one explication by midterm, another before Lecture 24. You should probably choose a poem that we haven't discussed broodingly and thoroughly in our class discussions.

  3. 在波士頓地區參加兩場詩歌朗誦會,並各寫一篇一頁長的評述(我將把我獲得的詩會訊息告訴大家,也請你們這樣做)。之前先讀一些該作者的作品通常對於跟上朗誦及表演內容會很有幫助。
    Attend two poetry readings in the Boston area and write a one-page review of each. (I'll pass along information about readings when I get information; you should too, please.) Often it helps to follow a reading or performance if you've read some of the writer's work before the reading.

  4. 進行一個將知識共享或者教授我們一些東西的專題。是的,我意識到這個描述的排斥性不是太強;我期望你能給我或我們帶來驚喜。你也許會寫篇論文,或者寫一些詩,記住或理論化一些表演詩歌,做些翻譯,教我如何使用網路作為一種詩歌資源,寫一篇關於分析個人詩的「傳統」評論文章,或者改變我們對已讀過的詩的觀點。(從見解/觀點/意象的方面,從性別方面,從烏托邦的理想或者渴望許多現代主義作家的完美方面,等等)。
    Do a project that socializes knowledge and teaches us something. Yes, I realize this description is not very proscriptive; I'm hoping you surprise me/us. You may write a paper or a sheaf of poems, memorize and theorize some performance poetry, do some translations, teach me how to use the internet as a resource for poetry, generate a "traditional" critical paper that explicates individual poems or inflects insights about poems we've read (in terms of vision/insight/images, in terms of gender, in terms of the utopianism or longing for perfection of many of the Modernist writers.... etc., etc.).

    1. 在最後三節課陳述你的專題(每人10-15分鐘),在最後一次學生口頭報告兩天後的中午前,把你們「完成」的或最終的版本交給我,可以是文本,物件,抄本,錄像帶,或證明。
    Present your project during one of the final three class meetings (10-15 minutes each), and by noon two days after the last students presentation, give me whatever text or object or transcript or videotape or evidence that represents an "accomplished" or finished version.

Other Work

  1. 專注閱讀
    Attentive reading.

  2. 正常並有責任心地出勤
    Regular and responsible attendance.

  3. 在談論中做有益的參與者,以表貢獻
    Contribution as a helpful participant in our conversations.

    (The category of "helpfulness" is broad. It may entail useful listening as well as talking, synthesizing as well as generating ideas.)

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