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1 Introduction.
2, 3 Alighieri, Dante. Vita Nuova.
4 Petrarca, Francesco. Poems and letters.
5 Guest instructor: Diana Henderson. (Reading TBA)

Tottel. "The Printer to the Reader." In Songs and Sonnets (1557).

Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey. "The Soote Season"; "Loue that Liueth, and Reigneth"; "From Tuskane"; "W. Resteth Here"; "My Ratclif."

Wyatt, Sir Thomas. "The Long Love"; "I Find No Peace"; "My Galley Charged with Forgetfulness."


Tottel. Songs and Sonnets (1557).

Wyatt, Sir Thomas. "They Flee from Me"; "Caesar, When that the Traitor of Egypt"; "Divers Doth Use"; "Whoso List to Hunt?"

. "Farewell, Love"; "My Lute Awake!"; "In Spain"; "Madam, Withouten Many Words." (See also the "Answer from a Lady" in notes)


Gascoigne, George. The Adventures of Mr. F. J.

Puttenham, George. The Arte of English Poesie.


Gascoigne, George. The Adventures of Mr. F. J. (Cont.)

Castiglione, Baldesar. The Book of the Courtier I.


Queen Elizabeth I. “The Marriage Speech” (Extemporaneous version) and “The Tilbury Speech” (Version in Cabala); “On Monsieur's Departure”; “The Doubt of Future Foes”; “Ah Silly Pugge.”

Ralegh, Sir Walter. “Praised be Diana's Fair and Harmless Light”; “Fortune hath taken thee away my love”; "The 21th and Last Booke of the Ocean to Scinthia.”

11 Drafts of first essay discussed.

Herbert, Lady Mary Sidney. "To Queen Elizabeth"; Translations of Psalms 52, 89, 142.

Sidney, Sir Philip. The Lady of the May.

13 First essay due.
14 Sidney, Sir Philip. The Defense of Poesy.
15 Sidney, Sir Philip. Astrophil and Stella.
16, 17 Same as above.

Spenser, Edmund. The Faerie Queene II, xii ("The Bower of Bliss").

See also Ralegh's dedicatory poem, "A Vision upon this Conceit of the Faery Queen."

19 Spenser, Edmund. Amoretti.

Spenser, Edmund. Amoretti. (Conferences on the Final Paper)


Shakespeare, William. The Sonnets.

See also Barnfield, Richard. Sonnet 11 in Cynthia, aka "Sighing, and Sadly Sitting by My Love."

22 Shakespeare, William. The Sonnets. (Conferences on the final paper)
23 Shakespeare, William. The Sonnets.

Nashe, Thomas. "A Choice of Valentines."
24 Wroth, Lady Mary Sidney. Pamphilia to Amphilantus.

TBA: Extra session to present drafts of the final paper.
25 Wroth, Lady Mary Sidney. Pamphilia to Amphilantus.

Donne, John. "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning"; "The Sunne Rising."

Phillips, Katharine. "Friendship in Embleme, or the Seal"; "Friendship's Mystery."

Second essay due.