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Related Resources

These links are used to support the course readings and assignments.

White Watercolors/De Bry engravings
An excellent Web site allowing you to compare the engraved images in Harriot's book with John White's original watercolors.

Searchable text, several translations (Christian site).

Pequot Museum
Tribally owned museum (this is Apess' tribe).

Tribally owned Pequot casino, with links to history.

Mohegan Tribal Web site
See inter alia the brief bio of Occum under "Heritage".

Dartmouth College
Compare this account to the Mohegan tribal account in Occum's biography.

Mohican Tribal History
Based on oral traditions and an early 18th c. ms. by John Quinney.

Stockbridge History (longer version)
A more expansive account of Anglo-Mohican relations in the town.

Stockbridge History
The chamber of commerce account of Mohican presence. Last modified: 09 November, 2005 10:54 a.m. by Mary Fuller.

Slavery in New York
An exhibit now up at the New York Historical Society.

Boston African Americana Collection
A digital collection from the Boston Athenaeum.

Schomburg Archive
Poems and other writing by African American women of the nineteenth century.

Remembering Slavery
Documentary testimony collected in 1930's-40's.