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Before Labs Begin
Safety Training Hazardous Chemical Training Bob Edwards and Bill Trabilicy, EHS Office
Radiation Safety Training Thomas Hasselbacher, EHS Office Pass safety course
Lab Week 1
α Properties of Electrons in Materials α1 Electron Energy Levels Prof. Anne Mayes
α2 Electron Wave-Functions Gretchen DeVries
α3 Electron Populations Elisa Alonso
β Quantifying Thermodynamic Properties of Materials β1 Thermal Energy Storage Geetha Berera
β2 Heat Capacity Meri Treska
β3 Magnetic Work Jorge Feuchtwanger
γ Materials as "Particle in a Box" Models γ1 F-centers Prof. Linn Hobbs
γ2 F-centers Joe Bullard
γ3 Quantum Dots Prof. Francesco Stellacci
Two Recitations Lab Week 1 Discussion Course TAs Week 1 report due Friday of following week
Lab Week 2
α Quantifying Thermodynamic Properties of Materials α1 Magnetic Work Jorge Feuchtwanger
α2 Mechanical Work Gretchen DeVries
α3 Entropy of Melting Geetha Berera
β Vibrations in Materials β1 Phonon Curves Prof. Francesco Stellacci
β2 Temperature and Vibration Prof. Anne Mayes and Andrea Centrone
β3 Mechanical Strength and Vibration Prof. Linn Hobbs
γ Understanding Bonds γ1 Bonding and Energy levels Ming Tang
γ2 Delocalization Joe Bullard
γ3 Bond Strengths Meri Treska
Two Recitations Lab Week 2 Discussion Course TAs Week 2 report due Friday of following week
Lab Week 3
α Crystalline Structures α1 Radius Ratios in Ionic Crystals Prof. Linn Hobbs
α2 Derivative Structures Prof. Anne Mayes
α3 Crystal Polymorphs Prof. Francesco Stellacci
β Visualizing Gibbs Free Energy β1 Batteries Meri Treska
β2 Fuel Cells Elisa Alonso
β3 Corrosion Geetha Berera
γ Phase Transitions γ1 Ordering in Liquid Crystals Gretchen DeVries
γ2 Phase Separation Elizabeth Friend
γ3 Ferromagnetic Transitions Jorge Feuchtwanger
Two Recitations Lab Week 3 Discussion Course TAs Week 3 report due Friday two weeks later
Lab Week 4
α Thermodynamics of Macromolecules α1 Rubber Elasticity Gretchen DeVries
α2 Miscibility Gaps Elizabeth Friend
α3 Polymer Conformation Prof. Francesco Stellacci
β Phase Diagrams β1 Order-Disorder Transitions Meri Treska
β2 Intermetallics Jorge Feuchtwanger
β3 Eutectics Geetha Berera
γ Amorphous Materials γ1 Short-Range Order Prof. Anne Mayes
γ2 Glass Transitions Ming Tang
γ3 Free Volume Prof. Linn Hobbs
Two Recitations Lab Week 4 Discussion Course TAs
Final Exam Week 4 Lab Report (Memo) Written During Final Exam Period Week 4 report due