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對「8.02 電力與磁力:科技輔助互動學習 / 物理工作室計劃」這門課有興趣的教育家、學生和自學者們,歡迎來和其他應用這個教材學習或教課的人在這個討論群組上互動。


「開放式學習支援網」(Open Learning Support, 簡稱OLS)是一個著眼著眼於建立「社群軟體」的研究計劃,讓非正規學習社群利用現存公開的教材而組織起來。OLS基本前提是完整的教育機會必須讓使用者能夠與能解答其問題或提供支援的其他人建立起溝通管道。贊助者一般只能提供免費開放的網頁教材,但很難提供這樣的社群管道。社群支援必須由其他使用者提供。因此,OLS是:

  • 在麻省理工「開放式課程網頁」以外獨立運作的。
  • 需要使用者註冊並登入才能參與的
  • 並不頒授任何學位或文憑的計劃
  • 不提供與麻省理工或猶他州立大學教職人員直接連繫的管道

馬上來本課程《8.02 電力與磁力:科技輔助互動學習 / 物理工作室計劃》的討論群組看看吧。

「開放式學習支援網」是由The William and Flora Hewlett 基金會贊助提供。

Educators, students, and self-learners interested in "Course 8.02: Electricity and Magnetism: TEAL: Studio Physics Project" are invited to interact with others utilizing these materials in their teaching and learning through the 討論群組上互動。

This service, offered by MIT OCW and hosted by the Open Sustainable Learning Opportunities Research Group in the Department of Instructional Technology at Utah State University, offers individuals around the world the opportunity to connect with each other, collaborate, form study groups, and receive support for their use of MIT OCW materials in formal and informal educational settings.

OLS is a research project that is focused on building "social software" that enables informal learning communities to form around existing open educational content. The fundamental premise of OLS is that full educational opportunity requires a user to have the social access to other people who can answer questions and provide support. Since the sponsors of free and open Web-based materials cannot typically provide this access, the social support must come from other users. Therefore, OLS:
  • Operates independently of MIT OCW
  • Requires users to register and login to participate
  • Is not a degree-granting or certificate-granting program
  • Does not provide formal access to MIT or Utah State University faculty

Connect to the Discussion Group for Course 8.02: Electricity and Magnetism: TEAL: Studio Physics Project now.

Open Learning Support is funded by a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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