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Direct to Capitol Hill (More or Less)

Campaign Finance

Data and Publications About Congressional Action
  • The Washington Post has a very good page that points to U.S. Government information sites, including Congress.
  • The Dirksen Center honors the memory of Sen. Everett M. Dirksen. It has grants and educational programs that are of some interest to the professional and student, alike. Their CongressLink page has a lot of resources that are helpful to teachers and students of Congress.
  • Congressional Observer Publications has a bunch of information (including roll call votes) about Congress. This is a commercial site, but it looks good.
  • Congressional Information Service indexes and offers access to most congressional documents. Available to MIT users only.
  • Keith Poole at the University of Houston has the most interesting and useful roll call information up and running for recent years. (I hope Keith doesn't mind putting his home page on mine...) .
  • David Lublin, at American University, has posted his congressional district data.
  • While it's not data - it's software - the PoliSim election simulator provides a pretty neat visualization of how spatial models of electoral competition work. (The page is now abot 5 years old. Please take the fellow up on his challenge to update it.)
  • The Legislative Studies Section of the American Political Science Association has its own home page, including the electronic version of its newsletter and other legislative links.

Elections and Politics

  • has the most comprehensive set of reports about recent public opinion polls.
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