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下列句子引述自Van Evera博士授課內容。

Included below are quotes from Dr. Van Evera's lectures.

  • 「我愛它們!我愛我的武器!」─海珊和他的大規模毀滅性武器,2001年12月6日。
    "I love 'em! I loves my weapons!" - Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction, 6 December 2001.

  • 「美國自由公民聯盟不會喜歡我們的作為,人權觀察組織不會批准的。」─美國人對大規模毀滅性武器用於美國本土的可能反應,2001年12月6日。
    "The ACLU is not going to like what we do. Human Rights Watch won't approve." - On a possible American response to WMD use on US soil, 6 December 2001.

  • 「誰需要它們!」─De Klerk對核武的看法,2001年12月6日。
    "Who needs them!" - De Klerk on nuclear arms, 6 December 2001.

  • 「我想付『X』再減掉『很多』的錢。」─泰迪•羅斯福總統就有關巴拿馬運河事件,對哥倫比亞人的談話,2001年12月4日。
    "I'd like to pay 'X' minus 'a lot'." - President Teddy Roosevelt to the Columbians regarding the Panama canal, 4 December 2001.

  • 「他們真的會斷你手腳,而且如果你惹惱他們的話,還會要你的命。」─即使不完全能與格別烏相提並論,伊朗國王的秘密警察也難免殘暴,2001年12月4日。
    "They did break your arms and legs, and they did shoot you if you really annoyed them." - Allowing that the Shah of Iran's secret police were rough, even if they weren't exactly in the same league as the KGB, 4 December 2001.

  • 「人們會選一個拿最大管槍枝、瞄準他們腦袋的傢伙。」─內戰期間的選舉,2001年12月29日。
    "People are going to vote for the guy with the biggest gun aimed at their brains." - Elections during civil wars, 29 November 2001.

  • 「他們一身休閒服、逛迪斯可、看星艦迷航記,越戰就這麼消失了。」─美軍返國後,美國大眾對共產黨戰勝的反應,2001年11月29日。
    "They were all wearing leisure suits, going to discos, watching Star Trek. The Vietnam War just faded away." - The American public's response to Communist victory in Vietnam after US troops came home, 29 November 2001.

  • 「他們不懂當地的語言和文化,走到哪都會給吊起來罵:『嘿,老外!』」─東南亞的越共情報員,2001年11月29日。
    "They don't know the language, they don't know the culture. Where they go, people are going to string them up! 'Hey, foreigners!'" - Vietnamese communist agents abroad in Southeast Asia, 29 November 2001.

  • 「嘿,我們不能太仰仗糖心叔叔。也許我們最好團結得更緊密一些,保衛自己吧。」─我們的歐洲盟邦對美國在海外軍事失敗另一個可能的反應,2001年11月27日。
    "Hey, we can't count on Uncle Sugar so much. Maybe we'd better band together more tightly, defend ourselves." - The other possible reaction of our European allies to US military failures abroad, 27 November 2001.

  • 「嘿,別扯了!你想找老美的碴,得用你自己的時間。我們可只想守在這裡,本本份份當個老共,你知道的…找樂子、當老共、把死老百姓當小工蜂一樣支使、搞集體農場、幹老共該幹的事─壓榨老百姓。」─如果越南人不是俄國的衛星國的話,他們會對俄國說的話,2001年11月27日。
    "Hey, blow off! If you want trouble with America, do it on your own time. We're just going to hang around here and basically be commie. You know . . . Have fun, be commie, make people march around like little worker bees, collectivize agriculture, do what commies do-- crush people." - What the Vietnamese would have said to the USSR if they were not a Soviet satellite, 27 November 2001.

  • 「他是個獨裁者,不交朋友,跟其他人也搞不好。」─論吳廷琰,2001年11月27日。
    "He's autocratic, doesn't make friends, doesn't play well with others." - On Ngo Dinh Diem, 27 November 2001.

  • 「法國佬只有一面喊『同志』一面喝羅宋湯的份了。」─第二次世界大戰之後,如果美國沒有出現在歐洲的話,就會發生這種事。
    "The French will be saying 'comrade' and eating borscht." - What would have happened if not for US presence in Europe after World War II.

  • 「自由貿易:人人因它而富。」─總結Ricardo的理論,2001年11月8日。
    "Free trade: everyone gets rich on it." - Summarizing Ricardo, 8 November 2001.

  • 「一天結束的時候,我得到一部豐田車。他們卻住在火柴盒裡、得到一張紙,而我卻得到一部豐田車。」─對貿易赤字一個非常規式的樂觀主義觀點,2001年11月8日。
    "At the end of the day, I've got a Toyota. And they're living in a matchbox. They've got a piece of paper, but I've got a Toyota." - An unconventionally optimistic view of trade deficits, 8 November 2001.

  • 「『嘿!我們無能!保護我們!』這不合他們一貫的說法。」─為自己無能的工業情結理論解釋,2001年11月8日。
    "'Hey! We're incompetent! Protect us!' That's not quite how they put it." - Explaining his theory of the Incompetent Industrial Complex, 8 November 2001.

  • 「這就是我。我知道些什麼?」─預言將來臨的不景氣,2001年11月8日。
    "That's just me. What do I know?" - Forecasting economic hard times to come, 8 November 2001.

  • 「嘿!開放你他媽的市場!呃!」─美國曾經是如此對待第三世界的,2001年11月8日。
    "Hey! Open your damn markets! Grr!" - How the US has dealt with the Third World, 8 November 2001.

  • 「然後就是乳與蜜的日子。你簡直能在肉汁裡打滾。」─當一個專賣者真棒,2001年11月8日。
    "And then it's days of milk and honey. You can really roll in the gravy." - It's good to be the monopolist, 8 November 2001.

  • 「他不是那種喜歡手牽手、拉成一條人鍊、口唱福音歌"Kumbaya"的傢伙。」─談及芝加哥大學教授John Mearsheime,2001年11月6日。
    "He's not a guy who likes to hold hands, form a human chain, and sing Kumbaya." - Speaking of the University of Chicago's Prof. John Mearsheimer, 6 November 2001.

  • 「如果你們是俄國人的話,難道不怕氫彈像雨一樣打在你們的腦袋瓜上嗎?」─以「為何集體報復不能當做有效的國家安全策略」為假設的狡辯,2001年11月6日。
    "If you were the Soviets, wouldn't you be afraid of a rain of hydrogen bombs coming down on your head?" - Begging the question of why massive retaliation did not work as a national security strategy, 6 November 2001.

  • 「德國佬…他們過去給我們捅過簍子。」─美國會拿波士頓交換Bonn市嗎?2001年11月6日。
    "Germans . . . They've caused some problems for us in the past." - Would the US trade Boston for Bonn? 6 November 2001.

  • 「打核戰真的能把部隊搞得灰頭土臉。當核彈凌空而降的時候,他們很難繼續跳搖滾。」─談戰術核武,2001年11月6日。
    "You can make a real mess of an army by nuking them. It's really hard for them to keep rocking and rolling when the nukes are falling." - On tactical nuclear weapons, 6 November 2001.

  • 「這部電影我們早看過啦。」─西德人在後第二次世界大戰期間,考慮到另一場戰爭的可能性,以為強國會在德國會師,慢慢地拖完這場戰爭,2001年11月6日。
    "We have been to this movie before" - Post-WWII West Germans considering the possibility of another war in which the great powers converge on Germany to slug it out, 6 November 2001.

  • 「誰能想出一個讓法國對德國擁有核武緊張兮兮的理由?對了,我們有正確的答案了:歷史。二十世紀,就是這個理由。」─草草打發十九世紀,2001年11月6日。
    "Can anyone think of a reason why the French would be nervous about Germany having nuclear weapons? Yes, we have the correct answer: history. The 20th Century, this is the reason why. " - Giving short shrift to the 19th Century, 6 November 2001.

  • 「用意再清楚不過了。難不成是一場煙火秀?想射他幾顆上去,搞一場轟轟烈烈的美國國慶?」─談核武之用於示威,2001年11月6日。
    "Never been clear what that means. A light show? Pop a few up in the air and have a really big Forth of July?" - On the demonstrative use of nuclear weapons, 6 November 2001.

  • 「你想搞我一下嗎?」─對一位越權的助教說的話,2001年11月1日。
    "You want a piece of me?" - To a TA getting out of line, 1 November 2001.

  • 「其實你只須要讓它彈跳一次就行了。」─ 美國軍事計劃家們關於要讓碎石堆跳幾次所應該知道的事,2001年11月1日。
    "You really only need to bounce it once." - What US military planners should know about how many times you need to make the rubble bounce, 1 November 2001.

  • 「事實是:喜馬拉雅山就在你們中間,而中國是從不翻越喜馬拉雅山的。別緊張。」─回應印度聲稱核武在阻嚇中國的侵略上是必須的,2001年11月1日。
    "Truth is, the Himalayas are between you two, and China's never coming over the Himalayas. Chill out." - A response to India's claim that nuclear weapons are needed to deter Chinese aggression, 1 November 2001.

  • 「你不能指望我們赤裸裸地站在這裡。」─巴基斯坦發展核子阻嚇武力背後的理論,2001年11月1日。
    "You can't expect us to stand here naked." - The reasoning behind Pakistan's development of a nuclear deterrent force, 1 November 2001.

  • 「你這輩子全毀了。」─就算只有一顆多彈頭飛彈打過來,也會產生這樣的後果,2001年11月1日。
    "Your day would be ruined." - What would happen if even one MIRVed missile got through, 1 November 2001.

  • 「他住在la-la land裡。」─對海珊的一項評估,2001年11月1日。
    "He lives in la-la land." - An assessment of Saddam Hussein, 1 November 2001.

  • 「你是因為誰的死而當上教皇的?」─核武強權之外的世界對核武強權的集體態度,特別是對美國,2001年11月1日。
    "Who died and made you pope?" - The collective attitude of the rest of the world towards the nuclear powers, particularly the US, 1 November 2001.

  • 「這世界應該有套標準才行。大叔,偷東西以前,先跟我們打聲招呼。我們不想跟你玩文字遊戲─你知道什麼是法律所禁止的。所以少跟我們玩費城律師的花招,說這不叫侵略。」─談美國希望蘇俄在他們搶奪領土之前先找他們協商,2001年10月30日。
    "There ought to be a norm in the world. Joe, before you steal something, check with us. And we don't want to play word games with you - you know what's verboten. So don't try any Philadelphia lawyer tricks with us and say it's not aggression." - On America's wish to be consulted by the Soviets prior to any and all land grabs, 30 October 2001.

  • 「小傳寫得比較長的人。」-永遠都不該成為公共政策問題的決定性因素的東西,2001年10月30日。
    "Who's got the longer vita." - What should never be the deciding factor on a public policy question, 30 October 2001.

  • 「來到他們的邊界、威脅他們的安全,再用刀子捅他們的喉嚨。然後你就會看到他們發飆了。」─為什麼美國向鴨綠江挺進,會激起中國敵對的回應,2001年10月30日。
    "Come to their borders, threaten their safety, put a knife to their throat. Then you'll see them get wild and crazy." - Why the US advance toward the Yalu river provoked a bellicose response from China, 30 October 2001.

  • 「如果你打算消滅另一個國家,而你也會這麼做,那麼你就可以跟他們斷交,因為反正你也要把他們給做掉。」─列舉唯一一個使斷交言之成理的情況,2001年10月30日。
    "If you intend to annihilate another country, and you could annihilate them, then you can break diplomatic relations, because you're just going to wipe them out anyway." - Laying out the only conditions under which it makes sense to sever diplomatic relations, 30 October 2001.

  • 「讓我解釋我們之所以要把你的腦袋轟掉的原因和方法。」─駐外大使置身國際危機中的功能,就是傳遞此一訊息,2001年10月30日。
    "Let me explain to you why and how we're going to blow your head off." - The function of an ambassador in a time of international crisis is to deliver this message, 30 October 2001.

  • 「你不必信任這傢伙,你只要相信他有能力記筆記就行了。」─美國為什麼應該關注印度大使在1950年秋提出的警告,2001年10月30日。
    "You don't have to trust this fellow. You just have to believe he's capable of taking notes." - Why the US should have paid attention to the warning of the Indian ambassador in the fall of 1950, 30 October 2001.

  • 「老共這幾年搞走了不少國家;這一次可是我們得分的機會了。」─共和黨在國會裡,對越過南、北韓38度線的想法,2001年10月30日。
    "Commies have been taking a lot of countries lately; this is a chance for us to get a 'W' on the board." - What the Republicans in Congress thought about going north of the 38th parallel, 30 October 2001.

  • 「擋我者死。」─改編史達林在集體農場實驗後對烏克蘭人講的話,2001年10月25日。
    "You guys get in my face, you die." - Paraphrasing Stalin to the Ukraine after the experiment in farm collectivization, 25 October 2001.

  • 「由史達林的觀點來看,這就是列強的作風。前面有一具死屍,剖開它!你分一塊,我也分一塊。」─談史達林在後第二次世界大戰時期的恐怖主義式野心,2001年10月25日。
    "From Stalin's point of view, this is just the way great powers behave. You've got a carcass in front of you, carve it up! You take a piece, I'll take a piece." - On Stalin's post-WWII territorial ambitions, 25 October 2001.

  • 「我們能贏,我們能打垮他們。如果現在幹就能得分。讓我們放手去做吧。」─美國鷹派份子,在四○年代末期,準備打第三次世界大戰,2001年10月25日。
    "We can win, we can slam 'em. We can get the 'W' if we do it now, so let's just do it." - American hawks, ready for World War III in the late forties, 25 October 2001.

  • 「閱讀這份資料,等著做幾場惡夢吧。」─分發有關俄國核武不安全的資料,2001年10月23日。
    "Read this and have a few nightmares." - Handing out info regarding the insecurity of Russian nuclear weapons, 23 October 2001.

  • 「這些人也不是什麼好東西,不過他們會數數。」─談及德國在1930年代的軍設,以及他們對希特勒會把國家拖入一場打不贏的戰爭中的恐懼,2001年10月23日。
    "These aren't nice guys either, but they could count." - Speaking of the Germany military establishment in the 1930s and their fears that Hitler would drag them into an unwinnable war, 23 October 2001.

  • 「各位先生、女士,和法國共舞一曲、和我們一起狂歡。」─美國緊密的法國盟邦,在第一次世界大戰後會對德國人說的話,2001年10月23日。
    "Gentlemen, ladies, do a dance with France, throw with us." - What a tighter US alliance with France would have said to the Germans after World War I, 23 October 2001.

  • 「它是那隻800磅重的大猩猩。它應該得到全歐洲每一個人全部、完整的關注,因為它有800磅! 」─談及第一次世界大戰期間美國與歐洲面對面談判的立場,2001年10月16日。
    "It's the 800 pound gorilla. It should have the full and undivided attention of everyone in Europe, because it's 800 pounds!" - On the US negotiating position vis-a-vis Europe during World War I, 16 October 2001.

  • 「你可以說他們是一群白痴,不過,對,我認為你說的對。」─談1917年時,德國之無視於美國之強權,2001年10月16日。
    "You can say they were idiots, but, yeah, I think you're right." - On Germany disregarding US power in 1917, 16 October 2001.

  • 「嘿,兄弟們!給塞爾維亞人戴個項圈吧!他們到處獵殺大公爵!」─法、英兩國沒有對蘇俄人說的話,2001年10月16日。
    "Hey you guys! Put a collar on the Serbs! They're out there shooting Archdukes!" - What the French and British didn't say to the Russians, 16 October 2001.

  • 「你們付我大把鈔票來教書。」─有錢能使鬼推磨,2001年10月11日。
    "You guys pay me the big bucks to do the teaching." - The way things work, 11 October 2001.

  • 「他們會列隊穿越巴黎,喝幾杯法國酒,在里維耶歇個腳,對朝?他們砸石頭的法國少女感到厭煩,體會出搞帝國主義是蠢事一樁,然後兩腿夾著尾巴回家。」─如果德國打贏第一次世界大戰的話會發生些什麼事,2001年10月11日。
    "They would have marched through Paris, drunk some French wine, relaxed a little on the Riviera, got tired of French teenagers throwing rocks at them and gone home with their tails between their legs, having realized that empires are silly." - What might have happened if the Germans had won World War I, 11 October 2001.

  • 「瞧這裡,渾蛋─跟我們笑一個,行嗎?」─新興強權美國,在世紀初向世界嗆聲,2001年10月11日。
    "Look here, Buster-- give us a smile, okay?" - The newly powerful USA to the world at the turn of the century, 11 October 2001.

  • 「那傢伙自認為是發明切片土司以來最精明的東西。」─談威爾森總統,2001年10月11日。
    "This guy thought he was the smartest thing since sliced bread." - On Woodrow Wilson, 11 October 2001.

  • 「誰發動戰爭的?我一語道破吧─德國人。德國人發動戰爭的。他們付我錢來告訴你們。」─第一次世界大戰的肇因,2001年10月11日。
    "Who started the war? I'll cut to the chase-- the Germans. The Germans started the war. They pay me money for telling you that." - Causes of WWI, 11 October 2001.

  • 「美國人帶了週日的五味酒參戰,德國人就卸甲而逃。」─第一次世界大戰的結束,2001年10月11日。
    "The Americans come in with the Sunday punch, and down go the Germans." - The End of WWI, 11 October 2001.

  • 「記下來!隨堂測驗可能會考!」─定義完WMD和NBC這兩個縮寫名詞之後,2001年10月4日。
    "Write that down! It might be on a quiz!" - After defining the acronyms WMD and NBC, 4 October 2001.

  • 「腿骨連著頸骨,頭骨連著頸骨,然後你就有一列骨牌了!」─描述冷戰時期,美國政策制定者對共黨擴張的思考,2001年10月2日。
    "Leg bone connected to the neck bone, head bone connected to the neck bone, then you get a row of dominoes!" - Describing the thinking of US policymakers on Communist expansion during the Cold War, 2 October 2001.

  • 「在學習容忍中長大的,不算是一群政治正確的傢伙。」─談蘇俄派駐第三世界的軍事顧問,2001年10月2日。
    "This wasn't a bunch of politically correct folks who'd grown up learning tolerance." - On Soviet military advisors to the Third World, 2 October 2001.

  • 「忘了你!跟手說話!」─改編Tito跟史達林說的話,2001年10月2日。
    "Forget you! Talk to the hand!" - Paraphrasing what Tito said to Stalin, 2 October 2001.

  • 「千萬別假定大人把每一件事都搞通了。」─談冷戰期學者沒有直述根本政策問題的失責,2001年10月2日。
    "Don't ever assume that the grownups are figuring everything out." - On the irresponsibility of scholars in not addressing fundamental policy questions during the Cold War, 2 October 2001.

  • 「你書唸得太多!你太有學問!你把我們帶上一個我們不需要去的層次!」─以揶揄斥責一個提出艱澀問題的學生,2001年10月2日。
    "You've read too much! You're too learned! You're bringing us to a higher level where we don't need to be!" - In jest rebuking a student with a tough question, 2 October 2001.

  • 「把指頭繞在脖子上,掐死那個在搖籃裡的嬰兒!」─談對潛在敵人的先發性毀滅,2001年10月2日。
    "Get those fingers around the neck and strangle that baby in the crib!" - On preemptive destruction of potential enemies, 2 October 2001.

  • 「那些德國人不喜歡住在國內。他們呀,你知道的,喜歡行軍。他們喜歡遠行軍。」─為什麼佘契爾夫人不想看到德國統一,2001年10月2日。
    "Those Germans don't like living in their own country. They, you know, like to march. They like to go on long walks." - Why Maggie Thatcher didn't want to see Germany reunified, 2 October 2001.

  • 「是德國人,他們老是到處開炸,搞得自己腦袋開花。」─談二十世紀最具犯大錯傾向的是哪一國,2001年9月27日。
    "It's the Germans, who are always going around blowing things up and getting their head smashed." - On which country has been the most blunder-prone in the 20th Century, 27 September 2001.

  • 「原諒我在教室裡說實話。」─在教室裡通報學生說,華盛頓時報控制在一群神經病手裡之後,請求學生的寬恕,2001年9月27日。
    "Forgive me for speaking truth in a classroom." - Asking forgiveness after informing the class that the Moonies own the Washington Times, 27 September 2001.

  • 「噢,陪我一塊玩這場比賽吧!我樂在其中啊!垂死蘇俄人的吶喊像音樂一樣悅耳。」─臆測史達林在核子攻擊的威脅下會怎麼說,2001年9月27日。
    "Oh, join me in the game! I enjoy it myself! The screams of dying Russians is music to my ears." - Speculating on what Stalin might have said if threatened with nuclear attack, 27 September 2001.

  • 「哈佛大學那邊的人,不會把界面工具折得太猛,所以沒有那些問題。」─談教室外的大廳發出的神秘噪音,2001年9月20日。
    "At Harvard, they don't bend widgets very much, so they don't have these problems." - On the mysterious noises emanating from the hall outside the classroom, 20 September 2001.

  • 「上課!去上課!這是你的義務!救救我們!成為社區的一份子!…要勇敢!去!光著身子站在全班前面!」─談參加討論課之絕對必要性,2001年9月18日。
    "Section! Go to section! It's your duty! Help us! Be a part of the community! ... Be brave! Go! Be naked before the rest of the section!" - On the imperative need to attend discussion sections, 18 September 2001.

  • 「美國不是一直都扮演世界的甜姐兒。」─談我們會從印第安Ojibwa族身上學到什麼,2001年9月18日。
    "America's not always been the sweetie-pie of the world." - On what one might learn from the Ojibwa, 18 September 2001.

  • 「他自以為可以把整碗捧走。」─談希特勒何以會如此肆無忌憚,2001年9月18日。
    "He thought he could get his fingers in the candy jar." - On why Hitler went on a rampage, 18 September 2001.

  • 「問題不在於西班牙酒─問題是庇里牛斯山!」─談何以西班牙在近代史中捲入的戰爭如此少的理由,2001年9月18日。
    "It's not the Spanish wine-- it's the Pyrenees!" - On possible reasons why Spain has been involved in so few wars in recent history, 18 September 2001.

  • 「要不是有洛杉磯的話,我們真不知道該把好萊塢擺在哪裡?」─談美、墨戰爭可能的地理動機,2001年9月18日。
    "Where would we put Hollywood if we didn't have Los Angeles to put it in?" - On possible geographic motivations for America to have made war against Mexico, 18 September 2001.

  • 「鄰居那群傢伙打算組個幫派,再跺你的腦袋。」─如果你想征服歐洲,會發生啥後果,2001年9月18日。
    "The neighborhood guys are going to form a gang and stomp your head." - What will happen if you attempt to conquer Europe, 18 September 2001.

  • 「在民主的原則之下,我們全部同意─不應該有一個領導者!」─談以民主的非競爭性本質,作為一個世界性的意識型態,2001年9月18日。
    "Under democratic principles, we all agree-- there shouldn't be a leader!" - On the non-competitive nature of democracy as a worldwide ideology, 18 September 2001.

  • 「一般而言,一個邁向自殺之旅的人能體會到這個,是好事一樁,所以他們不幹這檔事。」─給各地反美份子的忠告,2001年9月13日。
    "Usually, it's good for someone on a suicidal death ride to realize it, so they don't do it." - Advice for anti-Americans everywhere, 13 September 2001.

  • 「我正在跟我的分子混。別煩我。」─談麻省理工學院硬科學人種的社會天性,2001年9月6日。
    "I'm hanging out with my molecules. Leave me alone." - On the social nature of hard-science types at MIT, 6 September 2001.

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