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Theories and Strategies
1 Introduction
2 Overview of American Foreign Policy Since 1914
3-5 Theories of American Foreign Policy
6-8 American Interests and Grand Strategies First response paper due in sections (2 pages)
America's Major Wars: World War I, World War II, Cold War, and Korea
9-11 World War I and World War II Quiz in class
12-13 Cold War Origins and Conduct

The Korean War
Second response paper due in sections (2 pages)

Paper topics handed out
Interlude: U.S. National Security Policy; The Terror War; U.S. Foreign Economic Policy
14 American National Security Policy, 1945-Present
15-16 The U.S. War on Terror Outlines/rough drafts of first paper due in class
17-18 American Foreign Economic Policy, 1945-1999 First paper due in class (8 pages)
Cold War Crises: Berlin, Taiwan Straits, and Cuba 1962
19-20 The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Other Cold War Crises
Quiz in class
American Interventions in the Third World
21-22 The Indochina War, 1950-1975 Outlines/rough drafts of second paper due in class
23-24 Other American Interventions: Those of 1900-1934, 1945-1993 Second paper due in class (8 pages)
The Road Ahead: Current Crises and Future Policies
25-26 The Cold War's Demise

Current Crises

The Future of American Foreign Policy