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1 Course Syllabus (PDF)
2 American Foreign Policy: Introduction (PDF)
3-5 Theories of International Politics and Theories of US Foreign Policy (PDF)
6-8 American Interests and Grand Strategies (PDF)
9-11 The United States and World War I (PDF)

The United States and World War II (PDF)
12-13 Cold War Origins and U.S. Intervention in the Korean War (PDF)
14 American National Security Policy, 1945-Present (PDF)
15-16 The War on Terror (PDF)
17-18 U.S. Foreign Economic Policy (PDF)
19-20 Cuban Missile Crisis (PDF)
21-22 The Indochina War, 1945-1975 (PDF)
23-24 American Interventions in the Third World: An Overview (PDF)
25-26 Predicting the Future and Prescribing for the Future: What looms ahead? What policies should the U.S. adopt? (PDF)
To help you prepare for the exam, final exam study questions (PDF) are provided. Hopefully, these will aid you in your studies. Good luck!