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U.S. Diplomatic History Resources Index from Nick Sarantakes (Texas A&M Commerce)

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Foreign Policy In Focus: Internet Gateway to Foreign Policy

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Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798 - 1993

CIA -- The World Factbook

The Lost Border -- A Photographic Essay on the fall of the Berlin Wall

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Council for a Liveable World

Peace Action website

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China Minister of Foreign Trade

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Center for International Affairs at Harvard University

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Committee Against U.S. Intervention

The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free to Hungry People in the World

Foreign Language Search Engines Galore

CONELRAD: All Things Atomic

Office of the Surgeon General, Medical NBC Information Server : Includes an article on the Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare.

Environmental Diplomacy: The Environment and U.S. Foreign Policy

Cyberthreat : Protecting U.S. Information Networks

Alternative Insight-Foreign Policy and Politics

Jane's Information Group: The ultimate source for defence, aerospace and transportation information

Center for Defense Information: The Nation's Foremost Independent Military Research Organization

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American Diplomacy: Commentary, Analysis, and Research on American Foreign Policy and Its Practice

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