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17.460, Defense Politics has a midterm examination.

Mid-Term Examination

Write short (5 pages) essays on TWO of the following questions. Cite sources, not all of which should be the lecturers or the lecture notes.

  1. Who will fight America's next war? Discuss the demographics of the American military, the constraints on any quick changes in the demographics, and the effects the demographics have on the use of force.

  2. Primacy and Preemption - are they new elements in America's military strategy? What has happened that permits the President to express these intentions openly as he did in the recently released national strategy document?

  3. Why should one care if the military tends to vote Republican? What concerns have been expressed and by whom? Would they exist if the preference was democratic rather than republican? Are the concerns just limited to the military's political affinity? Are these concerns valid?

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