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Midterm Examination (PDF)

From the following list of twelve terms, choose ten upon which to write a short, defining paragraph. In your paragraph you should define the term, identify its historical time period, and the context in which the term was used. Be sure to include any factual material (e.g., names of people or places, specific events related to it, etc.), as well as the relevance of the term to "industrial landscapes." 10 points each.
  • natural advantage
  • "a pool of capital designed to make more capital"
  • resource endowment
  • Colonial land ownership
  • Merrimack River
  • metropolitan corridor
  • wharfing out
  • liminal zone
  • "Iron Road"
  • Slater Mill
  • monoculture
  • "Golden Age of Nature"

Final Examination (PDF)

Choose ten of the following twelve terms. Write a paragraph identifying the term as specifically as possible. Indicate relevant time period or year; geographical location; relevant people or institutions; relevance to our class and what it represents; and so on. Good luck!

  • Gifford Pinchot
  • feedlots
  • Mineral Leasing Act of 1920
  • Boulder Division of Wildlife
  • "supermarket pastoralism"
  • Haskell County
  • Mulholland
  • Elk teeth
  • "Wilderness"
  • Tulare Lake
  • suburbs
  • "organic machine"