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Students were given weekly reading assignments. These were to be discussed in the sessions listed in the table. Also listed are the specific readings (author/topic) for student-led discussions in class. Complete citations for these are provided in the readings section.

Instruction Guide (PDF)

3 Assignment 1: Social Interaction Interfaces: Seeing the Internet (PDF)
Bertin - Semiology of Graphics

Tufte - Visual and Statistical Thinking
4 Assignment 2: Incorporating Body Images (Medicine) (PDF)
Cartwright - "The Visible Woman"

Rapp - "Real Time Fetus"

Cartwright - "The Logic of Heartbeats"
5 Assignment 3: Diagrams and Logic (Physics and Flowcharts) (PDF) Kaiser - "Stick Figure Realism"

Hacking - "Observation" (Chapter 10) and "Microscopes" (Chapter 11)

Galison - "Nuclear Emulsions" (Chapter 3) and "The Electronic Image" (Chapter 6)
6 Assignment 4: Moving Biology Images (PDF) Cambrosio, et. al. - "Ehrlich's Beautiful Pictures"

Landecker - Technologies of Living Substance

Bastide - "The Iconography of Scientific Texts"
7 Assignment 5: Seeing Structures: Molecular Modeling (PDF) Keller - Making Sense of Life (Chapter 8 on "Modeling")

Francoeur - "Cyrus Levinthal, the Kluge and the Origins of Interactive Molecular Graphics"
8 Assignment 6: Arguing about World Data: GIS and Climate Change (PDF)
Edwards - "Data-laden Models"

Bowker - Climate Data Disputes

Schienke - Images Documented
9 Assignment 7: Deep Sea Seeing (PDF)
Singh, et. al. - "Imaging Underwater for Archaeology"

Ballard, et. al. - "The Discovery of Ancient History in the Deep Sea"
10 Assignment 8: Judging Images: Courts and Photography (PDF)
11 Assignment 9: Ingesting Images: Symptoms and Subjectivity (PDF)
12 Assignment 10: Presentations (PDF)