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課程單元 重要日期
1 Introduction
2 Studying Visualizations: Issues and Methods
3 Social Interaction Interfaces: Seeing the Internet
Guest Lecturer: Fernanda Viegas, Scott Golder (Sociable Media Group, MIT Media Lab)
Problem set 1 due
4 Incorporating Body Images (Medicine) Problem set 2 due
5 Diagrams and Logic (Physics and Flowcharts) Problem set 3 due

Project 1 due (7 days after lecture 5)
6 Moving Biology Images Problem set 4 due

Project 2 due (3 days after lecture 6)
7 Seeing Structures: Molecular Modeling
Guest Lecturer: Prof. Catherine Drennan (MIT Chemistry Dept.)
Problem set 5 due
8 Arguing about World Data: GIS and Climate Change Problem set 6 due
9 Deep Sea Seeing
Guest Lecturer: Brendan Foley (MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society)
Problem set 7 due

Project 3 outline due (7 days after lecture 9)
10 Judging Images: Courts and Photography Problem set 8 due
11 Ingesting Images: Symptoms and Subjectivity Problem set 9 due

Project 3 due (6 days after lecture 11)
12 Presentations Problem set 10 due