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翻譯:顏宇汝(簡介並寄信)、劉昭嶽(簡介並寄信) 編輯:李詩健(簡介並寄信)

1 簡介及概述:目的,工具及系統動力學的概念
Introduction and Overview: Purpose, Tools and Concepts of System Dynamics
2 系統動力學的工具(第一部分):問題的定義及模型的目的
System Dynamics Tools Part 1: Problem Definition and Model Purpose
3 系統動力學的工具(第二部分):建立因果環路圖(Causal Loop Diagram)的理論
System Dynamics Tools Part 2: Building Theory with Causal Loop Diagrams
4 系統動力學的工具(第三部分):繪出系統的積存量(Stock)及流量(Flow)結構
System Dynamics Tools Part 3: Mapping the Stock and Flow Structure of Systems
5 系統動力學的工具(第四部分):積存量及流量結構的動力學
System Dynamics Tools Part 4: Dynamics of Stocks and Flows
6 系統動力學的工具(第五部分):連結回饋,積存量及流量結構
System Dynamics Tools Part 5: Linking Feedback with Stock and Flow Structure
7 系統動力學的工具(第六部分):連結回饋與積存量及流量結構(續)
System Dynamics Tools Part 6: Linking Feedback with Stock and Flow Structure (continued)
8 成長策略(第一部份):模擬創新新產品的擴張與成長
Growth Strategies Part 1: Modeling Innovation Diffusion and the Growth of New Products
9 成長策略(第二部份):外在網絡,補充,通路依賴
Growth Strategies Part 2: Network Externalities, Complementarities, and Path Dependence
10 成長策略(第三部份):模擬新醫學技術的發展
Growth Strategies Part 3: Modeling the Evolution of New Medical Technologies
11 操作,策略,以及人力資源政策間的相互影嚮:人民航空
Interactions of Operations, Strategy, and Human Resource Policy: People Express
12 來賓演講:通用汽車(GM)的商業動力學尼克布得,馬克佩吉(Nick Pudar, Mark Paich)
Guest Lecture: Business Dynamics at General Motors (Nick Pudar, Mark Paich)
13 管理過度成長:人民航空的教訓
Managing Hyper Growth: Lessons from People Express

End of 15.871
14 系統動力學的作用: 再造高效率工業的供應鏈工程
System Dynamics in Action: Re-engineering the Supply Chain in a High-Velocity Industry
15 管理的不穩定性(第一部份): 製作及測試健全的商業程序模型
Managing Instability Part 1: Formulating and Testing Robust Models of Business Processes
16 管理的不穩定性(第二部份):補給線及供應鏈
Managing Instability Part 2: The Supply Line and Supply Chains
17 管理的不穩定性(第三部份):預測及回饋: 有限理性及合理的預期
Managing Instability Part 3: Forecasting and Feedback: Bounded Rationality or Rational Expectations?
18 管理的不穩定性(第四部份):商業週期: 不動產及油輪
Managing Instability Part 4: Business Cycles: Real Estate and Oil Tankers
19 來賓演講: 傑佛瑞斯特(Jay W. Forrester)
Guest Lecture: Jay W. Forrester
20 系統動力學的作用: 專案管理的準時及預算內的動力學
System Dynamics in Action: The Dynamics of Project Management-On Time and Under Budget
21 系統動力學的作用:環境及公共政策問題的系統動力學之應用
System Dynamics in Action: Applications of System Dynamics to Environmental and Public Policy Issues
22 系統動力學的作用: 半導體產業的流程改造
System Dynamics in Action: Process Improvement in the Semiconductor Industry
23 來賓演講:系統動力學的作用- 吉姆萊尼斯(Jim Lyneis)
Guest Lecture: System Dynamics in Action - Jim Lyneis
24 系統動力學的作用: 應用的挑戰
System Dynamics in Action: The Implementation Challenge
結論: 如何持續學習, 持續追蹤資源, 工作機會, 課程評量
Conclusion: How to Keep Learning, Follow-up Resources, Career Opportunities, Course Evaluations

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