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Students should choose a case of their choice to research in order to present their findings for discussion. The subject may be historical or an example of contemporary theory and practice; it may relate closely to a student's thesis. The choice of case and topic will be made and developed in consultation with the instructor. A paper, posted on a Web site, is required. Students will also keep a weekly journal of reflections on readings and class discussions. All work is courtesy of the student named, and used with permission.

Boston's Metropolitan Past: Baxter & Eliot's 1893 Plan - Steve Moga

The Development of the Bronx River Alliance: Lessons in Organizational Structure and Goal Implementation - Carrie Grassi

Measures of Environmental Performance: The case of the Boston Indicators Project - Anna Wells

Contemporary Urban Waterscapes: Designing Public Spaces in Concert with Nature - Francisca Rojas

Re-Scoring the City: A Follow-up of Lawrence Halprin's Scoring Practice - Kate James

Parks of Sprawl: The Corporate Landscape - Marie Law

Urban Ecology Online - Jamie Hand

Developing Solar Brightfields in Urban Areas: Lessons Learned in Brockton, Massachusetts - Lori Colombo

Groundwater Subsidence in Copley Square - Tamar Shoham