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課程單元 重要日期
Unit One: First Essay - Writing Focus: Living In the Age of the Image; Close Textual Reading
1 Introduction to the Class as a Writing Community And to the Academic Study of Mass Media Distribute writer's letter assignment

Distribute reader/writer notebook assignment
2 Image Culture and Media Artifacts

Advertising, Media Literacy and Close Reading

Discussion: Notebook Assignment
Distribute essay 1

Distribute exercise 1.1

Distribute "Reading Print Advertisements" Handout

Writer's letter due
3 Writing as Process: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising Advertising: A Case Study of Mass Media Exercise 1.1 due: small groups
4 Strategies of Close Reading: Ads as Representative Texts: Finding Patterns
5 Strategies of Close Reading: Constructing Arguments About Advertising Texts

Living in Consumer Culture Theories of Social Control and Social Reflection
Essay 1 introduction due (3 copies)

Small group workshops: introductions due

Essay 1 draft due one day after Lec 5
6 Writing Workshop: Peer Review of Drafts
7 Using Secondary Sources: Library Workshop Description of choice of interview subject by email to the instructor
Unit Two: Second Essay - Writing Focus: Working with Primary and Secondary Sources; Crafting Individual and Group Identities in the Age of Mass Media and Consumer Culture
8 The Individual in the TV Age: Working With Primary Source Data: Interviews, Letters, etc.

The Art of Interviewing
Essay 1 revision due (2 copies with revision cover letter)
9 The Individual in the Media Age: Growing Up on TV (cont.) Distribute essay 2

Distribute exercise 2.1

Notebook assignment due
10 The Individual in the Media Age: The Interview Transcript as Primary Source

Identifying Key Passages
Exercise 2.1 due: small groups

Prewriting strategies due
11 The Individual in the Age of Television and Mass Media: Interpreting Interview Material Within the Context of Secondary Sources
12 The Individual in the "Digital Revolution"

Discuss: Assigned Readings

Managing and Citing Sources

Issues of Structure

Bookending: Intros and Conclusion
13 Generating Hypotheses from Case Studies: From Individual Lives to Social Patterns

Hypothesis Exercise

Television Analyses
Essay 2 draft due
14 Workshop, Draft, Essay 2
Unit Three: Writing Focus: Comparative Analysis: Print Into Film
15 From Print to Film: Thinking Critically About the Potentialities of Different Media for Storytelling

Literature, Film and the Depiction of Madness
16 From Print to Film: Questions of Comparative Analysis

Discuss: Susanna Kaysen. Girl, Interrupted
Distribute "Reading Films Critically" Handout

Distribute essay 3 assignment sheet

Distribute exercise 3.1

Essay 2 revision due
17 Film Showing: Girl, Interrupted (James Mangold, 1999)
18 From Print to Film

Discuss: Novel and Film, Girl, Interrupted
Exercise 3.1 due: small groups
19 Writing About Film

Film as Language

Discuss: "Reading Films Critically"
20 Incorporating Secondary Sources on Film and Print-to-film Adaptation

Types of Writing About Film

Small Groups: Scene Analysis Exercise
Essay 3 draft due one day after Lec 20 (2 copies)
21 Workshop: Draft, Essay 3

Revision Strategies
22 Advanced Revision: The Potential of Publication

Discuss: Assigned Readings
23 Course Evaluations

Portfolio Preparation
24 Advanced Revision Workshop: Essay 1, Essay 2
25 Student Readings

Course Overview
26 Final Class

Student Readings

Submission of Portfolios
Essay 3 revision due (with final portfolio)